Interesting Data about Book Buyers’ Habits


Like all major online services, Bookbub has gathered a lot of useful data from their targeted users.

Also, like most online companies, their data largely points to them, but a lot of the other info is very useful to everyone across the board. I suggest taking a look at their infographics to get an idea on buying habits of consumers.




Review: The Sign of the Sibyl


I recently picked up Philipp Metzger’s first installment in the Kings of Men series. The book is something of a “portal fantasy” which I’ve read quite a bit of lately. It starts off immediately with worldbuilding that intrigues me: a quest for Atlantis that follows an archaeologist character. It’s not quite Indiana Jones, but I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid (and I think many of us secretly did.) While the story doesn’t stay in that mode for long (it turns into something of an adventure tale within the first few chapters,) the book has set the hook and the stage for Henry Thorpe who befriends Cora and her family as they navigate the ancient intrigues. Continue reading Review: The Sign of the Sibyl

The Importance of Whitespace


Whitespace (also called negative space, since it isn’t always necessarily white,) is that stuff between the words… all of that empty nothingness. But it’s more than a gap or wasted paper. There is a psychology behind it and a good reason not to cram every word you can muster into the margins… the chief reason being: it tires your brain out, stresses the eyes, and makes readers put down a would-be page turner.

Famous author G. K Chesterton wrote, “The modern world… pile[s] one thing on top of another, without caring if each thing was crushed in turn.  People forgot that the human soul can enjoy a thing most when there is time to think about it and be thankful for it.  And by crowding things together they lost the sense of surprise; and surprise is the secret of joy.” He might not have been explicitly talking about the psychology of words on paper, but his words really do apply. Continue reading The Importance of Whitespace

Review: Traditions of their Fathers


Traditions of their Fathers, book 1 in the Sieger Chronicles, is one part dystopia, one part mystery, one part thriller, Cory Ellsworth’s characters have to flee their home as government agents try to destroy it. During that flight, Ben Sieger learns all about the true nature of the world: that corrupt governments have tampered with the water and are controlling the populace, and that the one in charge, their much beloved political, leader might be the Devil himself. Continue reading Review: Traditions of their Fathers

State of Writing


Swamped. But still going! Life is like that.

I’ve been hard at work on some project management items that are related to writing, but aren’t quite the thing I like. I’ve been putting together a writing course for authors that I intend to teach at some upcoming events (and will be available for private bookings. I’m planning to push this through the early months of 2019 when conventions and other bookings are in decline.)

Alongside the class materials I have developed a 24 page workbook to accompany the Indie Author’s Bible. The workbook is filled with formulas, templates, and interactive sheets to help writers plan for success and launch books with their best foot forward. More on that soon, but for now, you can check out some info at: (the writing course will feature an exclusive handout to the workbook giving a few extra pages as a premium handout).

I have also been in the studio to keep these audiobooks rolling. The Kakos Realm 1 just completed with a separate narrator who is producing the first trilogy. I’ve been working on a few others. Grandma Ethel’s Donuts and Hollowpoints is available on ebook, now, and I recently completed the audio. One Star is also available and the narration is being recorded and due by October (both have gorgeous covers, go check them out!) I’m also about a quarter of the way through recording Wolves of the Tesseract 2.

Lots going on. I have also begun gathering notes for my next Dekker’s Dozen installment. Weeds of Eden will begin recording this week (a great way to refresh myself and exactly where I was going with the story arcs) and then I’ll start outlining the next novella!

My Publishing Story Pt.2


Last week I shared with you about the first half of my publishing journey. that was mostly my inspiration and initial years, before I began in earnest. From here on out is the half of the story when I began to look at it more as a business and try to do things with a more professional nature. I would say that, previously, I was a writer. From here on out, I am an author.

You will probably be able to relate to much of my story and the pursuit of a writing career. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section or contact me privately.

Continue reading My Publishing Story Pt.2

Review: Secrets of Peace

secretsWhen I came across Secrets of Peace by T.A. Hernandez I immediately thought, this book cover is gorgeous. We all judge books by their cover, and this one hooked me right away. I’ve had people stop at my table at book festivals for the same reason: gorgeous book covers.

It’s a good thing that Hernandez also has fun ideas for the fiction she puts between her covers. (According to her bio, we’ve got much in common as far as writing inspirations go, so it’s no wonder I clicked with this book right away.) Continue reading Review: Secrets of Peace

State of Writing


I am sooooo close to being able to write creatively again J I finished the workbook and I hope to finish revisions/edits on it this week to make it print ready. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to start fooling around with outlining for my next Dekker’s Dozen story.

Perhaps I’m procrastinating my Hidden Rings series when I’d hoped to be wrapping up another installment around now, but I’m feeling drawn to short fiction. It helps me stay sharp, and there are a few stories which I’d very much like to complete for future reasons (another Dekker’s Dozen print installment and a few other stories I’ve kicked around for many years in different variations.)

Ideally, the rest of my year looks like this: while recording two audiobooks in the works, outline and write another Dekker’s Dozen novella, sketch characters and outline a fantasy story I’m toying with, rewrites on Fear in a Land Without Shadows before beta reads, and then work on the next Hidden Rings book this fall/winter.

Time to get crackin.

My Publishing Story Pt.1


I often field questions via email. One of those recently was “how did you first get published?” I thought that’s a good story, one fraught with trolls and many other dangers. It might lend some credibility to my advice, and maybe you can identify with parts of my tale. I’m certain you can all relate to parts of my journey. Continue reading My Publishing Story Pt.1

Review: Pilgrims with Blades


I was given a copy of Pilgrims with Blades by the author, Douglas Van Dyke Jr, at a convention I attended. There are many things to love about this book. The appendices and artwork give great flavor to the world of Dhea Loral, which is a part of the larger world that Van Dyke writes in (with at least one completed trilogy apart from the Pilgrims that I know about.) Continue reading Review: Pilgrims with Blades