Review: Black Moon by Tegon Maus

51itPWF+K7L._SY346_The first thing that I noticed on Tegon Maus’s second installment of the Tucker Littlefield Chronicles was the cover. Front and center on Black Moon, we have perhaps the most unassuming protagonist ever. It immediately made me wonder if Vizzini from the Princess Bride was our main character. Something about the completely normal seeming Littlefield is particularly appealing. Honestly—who puts a balding, middle aged, normal dude as their Fantasy protagonist? Honest people who’ve had enough rippling muscles and flat abs… and Tucker Littlefield is honest (and likeable, too.) Continue reading Review: Black Moon by Tegon Maus


Review: Before the Fall

41QSN-8e8vL.jpgI got an ARC of Leah Downing’s Before the Fall to review for my blog, Inside the Inkwell. It is book #3 of the Shooting Star Series.

While this is not normally my type of book (it’s in a POV I normally hate and on the more romance-tilted side of my main genre,) I found myself really enjoying this book. Continue reading Review: Before the Fall

Review: Boxer Earns his Wings

41je3psnvzl._sx331_bo1,204,203,200_Boxer Earns his Wings, by Douglas Van Dyke Jr. has a certain flair to it. It opens by putting you smack dab in the middle of action and Van Dyke does a great job of continuing the level of excitement throughout the book. It was an easy read and not overly long which is nice, but also promises more in another fun realm Van Dyke writes in. Continue reading Review: Boxer Earns his Wings

Review of Firefly: Big Damn Hero


One of the things I wanted most for the holidays was to take a day or two and sit down with this new Firefly book. Mission accomplished. Big Damn Hero (and I’m assuming the subsequent two books) takes place immediately after the Firefly series ends and in that period of time between the show and the movie Serenity.

There were many things to love about this book by James Lovegrove. There was a fair amount of other involvement as well, including oversight by the Wedon himself.

Continue reading Review of Firefly: Big Damn Hero

Review: The Terran Privateer

indexI finally got to my review of The Terran Privateer by Glynn Stewart which has been in my TBR pile for a few months, now. Stewart writes a number of book series, like myself, and they all have beautiful covers.

Something about the early interplay in the dynamics between characters gave me a Battlestar Galactica vibe (the new version). While Terran Pivateer’s plot isn’t exactly original, that doesn’t make it less enjoyable. The indie world has a number of great SF writers, including Stewart (and also guys like Mark Cooper, and Jay Allan)… Continue reading Review: The Terran Privateer

Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)


So, I’m back after a 1 month hiatus at my blog. Yes, I have a free book this week! But also, I wanted to tell you how you can support writers in a huge way… I use Amazon Affiliate links on all of my reviews, etc. They are neat little things that give promoters a little commission. Christmas is huge for us. If you plan to do some shopping on Amazon, would you click my below link before you do your holiday shopping (even if you’ve gotten my free book before?) Continue reading Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)

Review: Armor of Alethia


Ralene Burke’s Armor of Alethia is a great example of faith-based high fantasy. Burke’s primary protagonist, Karina, is relatable in many ways and the storytelling and pacing are on point. As Karina begins to discover more and more about who she is, her fixation on the nearby mountain and her high calling/destiny become more focused. Continue reading Review: Armor of Alethia

Review: Nerdvotional


31g-E0EcEcL._SY346_Nerdvotional was one of those interesting-concept Christian devo books that instantly grabbed me. I met author Kyle Hopson at an event where he was selling them and had to take it home.

Using pieces from pop culture (and especially nerd culture, by whatever metric you wish to use,) Hopson intertwines everything from Ghostbusters references to Power Rangers to The Legend of Zelda to explain scriptural truths I easily digestible nuggets. Continue reading Review: Nerdvotional

New Issue of Lorehaven


I want to draw attention to another free read this week. This one is a magazine that I’ve been a supporter of since the beginning. Lorehaven is a quarterly publication for faith-based speculative fiction. Lorehaven is the magazine side that has tons of “flash reviews” on Christian speculative fiction (SF/F/H genre stories) and SpecFaith is their growing, online collection of articles that discuss the intersection of faith and fantasy. (Here is an article that I wrote.)


Lorehaven serves Christian fans by finding biblical truth in fantastic stories. Book clubs, free webzines, and a web-based community offer flash reviews, articles, and news about Christian fantasy, science fiction, and other fantastical genres.

You should totally check out their most recent issue here: I highly recommend this and encourage readers to check out their reading groups, as well.

Review: The Witchstone


The Witchstone by Victoria Randall is absolutely spellbinding!

The story is a wonderful tale and thick with history and worldbuilding that is seamlessly interwoven into the narrative (I especially loved the usage of books with author names and snippets of text that are interspersed throughout the tale—especially the first several chapters—as the tale unfolds.) The Witchstone intertwines a few narratives from different characters, all seeking one terrible hell-borne stone. Continue reading Review: The Witchstone