This is the official blog home for author Christopher D. Schmitz. I blog at least 3 times per week (usually, anyways).

My update page where I post what I wrote last week and what my goals are for the coming week. I know this is mostly for me, but some people are eagerly waiting for certain things I’m writing and it gives a peek into me as an author.

Free Fiction Tuesday. I usually do reviews but sometimes provide links to giveaways or free books.

Writing tips/advice (especially regarding the indie or self-publishing world).

What happens on Thursday stays on Thursday.

It’s pretty rare for me to post a Friday update… when I do it’s usually something obscure, random, or personal.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I have an ambitious project I would like to self publish, but it doesn’t COMPLETELY fit in with the paperback type books you were mentioning. It will be a large format, coffee table style pictorial book that I will be doing all of the photos, layout, etc. I am trying to find a place to get it published without breaking the bank. The primary target is regional, so this would not necessarily need to be available widely, but it could. Are you available to talk offline to provide some guidance.


  2. Hello, This is my first time with writing a book. I also almost went with WestBow, thank God I found your blog. I was headed toward self-publishing with kdp but they only do paperback and this book is set up like a journal. I need help with an editor and format setting and somewhere that I can get the book published. Can you provide me some guidance on where to go? Thanks


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