Is BookRiot a Good Investment? Here are two user experiences


I do a lot of face-to-face sales at conventions and book events. Oftentimes I run into my buddy Scott Burtness who writes Horror Comedy (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) In fact, we met at one of such event for about the third time in a row and just decided to start doing a lot of the same things together and learning what is working for the other guy and try to replicate those results.

He and I have both been guest speakers at MN based MinnSpec meetups and try to help other Indies up north. We were discussing marketing one day and had both been looking into BookRiot as an alternative to a Bookbub ad (since neither of us had scored one yet.) BookRiot was a little cheaper, but came with what seems like a lot of accolades to its credibility from libraries, etc.

One thing that I found as odd was that I could not find any actual user reviews/reports on the service. Bookbub provides its users with a genre-based breakdown for estimated sales from previous users. After we both decided to drop over $1,000 each on an ad package we agreed to keep informed and report back. Here are the detailed results of our ads… Continue reading Is BookRiot a Good Investment? Here are two user experiences


Is Author Platform Rocket (APR) Worth It?


Strap in for another episode of Chris Reviews a Service. A fellow author who was asking questions in my writing group is who turned me on to Author Platform Rocket/APR. At first, it sounded like something I was very interested in. I think that a perfect service would be something that manages your ad accounts and takes a healthy commission off of the sales for their hard work. You would pay for the ads and they would build/manage them so that the writer can do what they excel at: writing. This sounded like that sort of service! (That led me to the million dollar question… what does that cost?) Continue reading Is Author Platform Rocket (APR) Worth It?

Is KDP Rocket Worth the Investment? Guestblog by J.M. Butler


You may have seen adverts for, or heard about, KDP Rocket. You might be wondering either what it’s used for, or if it’s worth the investment? I came across a discussion in one of my online writing groups and asked J.M. Butler to give me her thoughts as a skeptical user of the marketing software… Continue reading Is KDP Rocket Worth the Investment? Guestblog by J.M. Butler