State of Writing


I am sooooo close to being able to write creatively again J I finished the workbook and I hope to finish revisions/edits on it this week to make it print ready. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to start fooling around with outlining for my next Dekker’s Dozen story.

Perhaps I’m procrastinating my Hidden Rings series when I’d hoped to be wrapping up another installment around now, but I’m feeling drawn to short fiction. It helps me stay sharp, and there are a few stories which I’d very much like to complete for future reasons (another Dekker’s Dozen print installment and a few other stories I’ve kicked around for many years in different variations.)

Ideally, the rest of my year looks like this: while recording two audiobooks in the works, outline and write another Dekker’s Dozen novella, sketch characters and outline a fantasy story I’m toying with, rewrites on Fear in a Land Without Shadows before beta reads, and then work on the next Hidden Rings book this fall/winter.

Time to get crackin.

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