I do pretty regular book reviews on Tuesdays. In addition to this blog, reviews are posted on Amazon.com and Goodreads. No money is ever charged for reviews and I do not leave negative reviews. I will contact any author and privately provide feedback to authors rather than blasting them openly; I feel strongly that the review section of a writer’s sale outlet is an inappropriate place for harsh criticism/feedback.

Yes, I review Indie books, in addition to traditionally published books. Also, I will absolutely judge your book by its cover. While it won’t likely be talked about in a review, if it was a poorly put-together afterthought or no attention was given to it I will probably decline it with the assumption that your writing/editing was also haphazard (reading requires an investment of time by readers and I don’t like investing it poorly–covers are indicators of the value of the time your asking me to commit.)

Things I hate:
Make sure you have avoided the following in your book in order to get a great review–
Passive voice verbs (especially overuse of the word “was.”) Boring intros/prologues. Too much profanity (in the last 12 books I’ve written of 60-130k words each I have used exactly one curse word which, given the demonic context of the situation might actually not count as an expletive…if you have such a limited vocabulary that must resort to vulgarities then you probably aren’t ready to write a book.) Passive voicing (I REALLY hate it). As-you-know-Bob and info dumping. Tired tropes and copy-cats (I love things that are homages, I hate when it’s just a rip off.) Passive voice.

What I require when requesting a review:
Give me all your book details, including amazon and goodreads links, your book’s cover image, and tell me why I am going to enjoy it. Tell me what format you can give it to me in. I prefer .mobi files for my kindle (I don’t do PDF anymore–it reads clunky on my devices), paperback, or Audible. Free Audible codes will typically go on the top of my list since I can listen during commutes. Email me your pitch @gmail.com (authorchristopherdschmitz). Please note that I cannot review every book, but I do try to do a 2-3 each month. When you pitch me you understand that you will be put on my occasional mailing list.Submitting authors/agents ought to follow my profiles on Facebook, Goodreads, Wattpad, and twitter. While not hard and fast requirements for me to read your book, it will absolutely increase your odds of me picking your book. We all play favorites and this helps increase those odds (I also do review trades for indie authors–it guarantees a read in the genres I prefer–email me for details on that).

Genres I review:
I prefer
Horror (but not gore for the sake of gore)
YA/NA (but have a good hook)
Speculative Fiction
Paranormal (please note that egregious abuses or excessive/deliberate inaccuracies of traditional angeology/demonology will tick me off; I consider myself quite well versed in this area and hold degrees in this area. No outright blasphemy please.)
werewolf/vampire (but make it good/original)

I will consider–
Nonfiction (pretty limited focus–you should research me before submitting)
Mainstream fiction (I am VERY selective)
Zombie (again, don’t be a rip-off of anything else)
Novella/Novellette (but aim for my novel preferences)

I do not review–
Romance (I don’t even care for too much romance in my genre fiction–if it’s more overt than Han and Leia in the Star Wars films I’m going to find it distasteful)
1st person POV books that haven’t been professionally edited
Books that feature homosexuality front and center)
Children’s Books
Picture books