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I’m part of another huge giveaway program this week with many Urban Fantasy books being given away. Go check it out by clicking here. You might find something you like!



Wolves of the Tesseract Huge Giveaway!


Wolf of the Tesseract is FREE today! and Wolves of the Tesseract 2: Through the Darque Gates of Koth is discounted all week on a count-down deal. I’d love if you downloaded the series and let me know what you thing! (and follow the jump to learn how to get the comic book prequel for free). Both books are in KU.

“Claire Jones is more than your average girl: her bloodline ties her to the all-powerful Architect King. Only she can stop the creatures that dwell beyond the known dimensions… and the forces of the enemy have multiplied.”

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Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)


So, I’m back after a 1 month hiatus at my blog. Yes, I have a free book this week! But also, I wanted to tell you how you can support writers in a huge way… I use Amazon Affiliate links on all of my reviews, etc. They are neat little things that give promoters a little commission. Christmas is huge for us. If you plan to do some shopping on Amazon, would you click my below link before you do your holiday shopping (even if you’ve gotten my free book before?) Continue reading Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)

New Issue of Lorehaven


I want to draw attention to another free read this week. This one is a magazine that I’ve been a supporter of since the beginning. Lorehaven is a quarterly publication for faith-based speculative fiction. Lorehaven is the magazine side that has tons of “flash reviews” on Christian speculative fiction (SF/F/H genre stories) and SpecFaith is their growing, online collection of articles that discuss the intersection of faith and fantasy. (Here is an article that I wrote.)


Lorehaven serves Christian fans by finding biblical truth in fantastic stories. Book clubs, free webzines, and a web-based community offer flash reviews, articles, and news about Christian fantasy, science fiction, and other fantastical genres.

You should totally check out their most recent issue here: I highly recommend this and encourage readers to check out their reading groups, as well.

Free Today: Dekker’s Dozen


It’s giveaway time! Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen is currently free on Kindle (through Thursday). I’d love for my space opera to hit #1 on the charts, so click to get a copy for free (and please leave a review!) I’m currently working on more stories in the series, too, so keep checking in here at my blog and website to see what Dekker and his crew of lovable space-delinquents are up to. Continue reading Free Today: Dekker’s Dozen

Double Free Book Day!


Until midnight tonight you can get my novel Wolf of the Tesseract on Kindle for free as part of my publisher’s Cyber Monday push.  I’m also doing an early push for the new Dekker’s Dozen book, Weeds of Eden… I’ll give it a more detailed look next week, but created a giveaway/coupon code for it. Anyone who joins my sci-fi mailing list will get the book for FREE!

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I don’t sell boats, but I Noah guy who does…

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Free Fiction Tuesday


I’ve been pretty neglectful of Wattpad lately. Truthfully I’m never really sure that what I’m doing by way of online promotion is really working and as such I’m not totally sold on Wattpad–it just seems overrun with bad fan fiction and erotica written by fifteen-year-olds. (I wish that was an exaggeration. Believe me.) But those stories like Fifty Shades of Junior High (okay–that title I did make up,) literally get millions of hits. There’s got to be some way to harness it effectively without sacrificing my writing quality or my integrity. I guess time will tell, but until then I will try and connect with a readership there by posting some new content.

While I can’t post Wolf of the Tesseract in its entirety I can put up a big teaser chunk of it and a back-link to the Amazon sales page. I also plan to put up book 1 of the Kakos Realm. Here are a few links to those stories on Wattpad.

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