How can I give away free copies of my Audible Audiobook?


If you have been an ACX creator for a while, you may remember back when audible used to email you 25 free download codes as soon as your book was ready for download. More than a year ago they simply stopped doing that. You can still get those codes, but now you must request them to be generated.

Here is how to get those codes so that you can send them to reviewers or other folks who might want to listen if the price was right (free).

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Guestblog: “The Race Where You Can’t Afford a Burnout.”

I met Kim Dorothy in a writer’s group where she shared this article and I’ve reblogged it with her permission. One of the things I talk about a lot when I teach workshops is to guard your dreams and hopes from others who might, intentionally or accidentally, destroy the joy you find in being a writer.

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State of Writing


Wooo! busy weekend for me. The always-great MCBA (Midwest Comic Book Association) Spring-Con seemed better than ever this year. (BTW, if you live in the MSP/St Paul area, consider volunteering for the spring or fall events!) It did take a lot out of me, though. I didn’t even open my laptop all weekend (hence the late post today).

I’m zeroing in on a few things this summer, too. Hopefully, my next book will launch around the winter time and I’m really regretting missed opportunities to write. I’m going to try to write a chapter this week in Dekker’s Dozen 3. I’d like to finish it by the end of July which means I need to do a couple chapters a week, so I’m going to try to roll into it and ramp up my productivity.

Good, Bad, and Ugly Reasons to Write a Book


I often say that I think everyone has a story in them. However, for a variety of reasons, not everyone ought to write a book. There are good reasons to write, and there are some that are not. Just because everyone can access tools that make it easy to publish does not mean that everyone should.

Before clicking Publish, or even before you begin penning your manuscript, you ought to examine your motivation in the first place.

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State of Writing


I’m back to working on some of my projects last week. Kind of in a funk, but doing lots of research on Tolkien for a side thing I am writing (a nerdy devo for a Christian Spec Fic group I am part of. I am writing 5-10 of these for an upcoming devo book based around famous SF/F series.)

I’m also back to writing my next Sci-fi, Austicon’s Lockbox. I’m about 70% done with my choose your own adventure, but it’s rather stalled out. It’s comedic, and I don’t want to write it when the passion has waned… I don’t think that would translate well and I’m feeling more like writing in my SF universe right now.

Book Launch From Scratch: How to Release a Debut Novel and Not Suck at It


“If you were a brand new author with a budget of $500 what would you prioritize?”

The person asking this question said they had their book edited and had a pro cover design. He also had a 10,000 word reader magnet. A reader magnet is a book you write specifically to give away. You use it to entice readers to join your newsletter and to buy your books. Usually it’s around the 10k mark, and is often a mini-sequel, prequel, or retold event from the book from another character’s POV.

It got me thinking on a few things. I’ve already got a platform and a newsletter list plus a decent backlist. However, if I was to relaunch from scratch knowing what I know now, how would I do it? If I had $500 for a budget, this is what I would do

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State of Writing


I didn’t quite complete my short story set over the week as I had hoped. My work schedule had some additional demands this week that preoccupied all of my spare time. I will get to it this week, though! I’m pretty excited for the story and need to wrap it up. Luckily, I’ve got today off and plan to make it happen

Author Feature: Glen Kenner

il_fullxfull.318206508Kenner is the author of THE FIRST – an action thriller with a bit of magical realism (soft sci-fi) and horror. It’s the first of a planned ongoing series of 3 novels, and by the looks of it, might appeal to fans of the Unbreakable, Split, and Glass movies.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I’ve been writing short stories for 30 years, since getting my degree in English – Creative Writing and have dozens of stories published in print and online, including in Japan, where I lived for 3 years. Continue reading Author Feature: Glen Kenner

Questions about Pen Names


I’ve fielded a few questions about Pen Names recently. There are a few different reasons authors might want one and so I’ve tried to address their concerns. I do not write under a pseudonym, so I am far from an expert so don’t consider me as golden or legal advice… just some guy who has friends who are willing to share what they’ve done.

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