Review: Pilgrims with Blades


I was given a copy of Pilgrims with Blades by the author, Douglas Van Dyke Jr, at a convention I attended. There are many things to love about this book. The appendices and artwork give great flavor to the world of Dhea Loral, which is a part of the larger world that Van Dyke writes in (with at least one completed trilogy apart from the Pilgrims that I know about.)

I’m familiar somewhat with his writing, and Van Dyke’s writing is tight and action is well paced and thought out. Immediately, I spotted some things that made me grin, like the dwarf who dreamed he was  a giant (one of the great, crowd-pleasing ironies viewers pointed out in Avengers: Infinity War was this exact same scene played out by Peter Dinklage. Spoiler alert—Van Dyke’s came out first.) The weight of the dream sequence itself hearkened back to another fantasy series that I absolutely love: The Wheel of Time. While the Dhea Loral series is nowhere near the scope of Robert Jordans’ 11,500 PAGE epic, it’s a great start and I can safely recommend the Dhea Loral series to fans of high fantasy, across the board.

If you’re interested in an action packed fantasy series, check out Pilgrims with Blades here, and then look into the rest of the Dhea Loral series as well.

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