Get smart advice: Consultations and Advice in Actions


One thing is always good advice: get insights from those who have gone before us.

I mentioned yesterday that I do consultations for authors who have questions or want to get feedback/improve sales, clicks, marketability, etc. I’ve often found it helpful to get feedback… not always does it need to be mine, however. One of the most valuable things I’ve taken from author conferences is public reviews/manuscript critiques from industry pros of attendees’ works. I take the relevant info and apply it to my own works and have learned a lot.

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State of Writing


My state of Writing posts have become pretty infrequent as of late. Many irons in the fire, plates spinning, etc. This blog is not abandoned, however, and I have been working on some new content between writing projects. one of them is a graphical layout of my marketing plan that is organized like a flowchart. I was hoping to put it together as an online course this year… but I’ve not quite put it all together, yet. That’ll happen with a huge writing load. I will have written something like 9 books in 2020 (thanks for the downtime, coronavirus.)

I’ve also done quite a bit of consulting with authors on how to improve their books and/or get their book into print or republish books.