Increase Reviews with This Simple Trick



The data is in: most humans are lazy. But you probably knew that already. Obviously, I mean other humans and not you… if you’re on my blog, you’ve already slain the procrastinary beast and written a whole book… a book that you need reviews for, but asking a reader to leave a review by navigating to amazon and typing in an overwhelming few letters, followed by the relentless scrolling to the review section followed by the seemingly endless finger movements required to type and submit “I liked it,” is just a bridge too far. Seriously, folks are lazy.

Only half a percent to a little more than one percent of readers typically leave reviews. Usually, you will need 500-1,000 sales to break out of that 5 review hole (before algorithms start to help out and many ad services have a 5 review minimum.) Here’s one trick I recently learned about to help increase reviews: create a direct link to your book’s review tool…

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State of Writing


It’s been too long since I wrote a blog (almost a month now.) I promise it’s for a few good reasons. Firstly, my day job has been very busy. Secondly, my weekends have been packed with conventions. And thirdly, I’ve been pretty deep in edits and other book work.

Dekker’s Dozen 3 is in the bag and ready for ARC readers, Ashes of Ailushurai is still in progress, and Wolf of the Tesseract 3 is in prewriting (once the outline is done I hope to be in nanowrimo season, and plan to write my next Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion). I’m also on the final edit of The Shadowless. I’ll probably share cover art soon.

The business side of the industry is also bogging me down. I’ve been reading books by different experts and looking for ways to take my writing to the next level. Hopefully that happens and soon!