Look For Criticism to Make Your Book Sellable


I say it a lot, but every writer needs to give someone permission to be critical of his or her work. Writers cannot see the weak spots in their own material. Author friend Jeff Vorwald of Canvas Skies says he tries to get feedback on his manuscripts from people that don’t necessarily care for him (or want to spare his feelings.)

The Marketing Christian Books blog is one of those blogs I recommend everybody follows. It’s written by folks who aggressively chase their authorpreneurial dreams. I’ve linked an article that every author ought to read, and it’s along the lines of my regular advice.

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Is Dreame Publishers (also known as Ficfun and Stary LTD.) a Scam?


My name is Chris… and I’m not famous. A publisher recently contacted because they found my book online and want to offer me a contract… should I take it?

…my advice? Run away. Probably.

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Guestblog: How to Write Comics with Dave Wheeler


Hey everybody, my name is Dave Wheeler,  a jack of all trades when it comes to comics, working as an inker, colorist, letterer, writer and book designer. In addition to the comics industry I’ve worked in the advertising and graphics industry for 8 years. I’m also proud to be one of the co-founders of the kid-friendly comic company MIND WAVE COMICS doing my part to bring back the fun to comics for almost 10 years! When I’m not in the studio I enjoy long walks on the beach, making toys and professional wrestling. That’s enough about me though.
Chris invited me to do a guest blog post talking about my process for scripting when it comes to comics…

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Unique Marketing Approaches


I don’t talk enough about marketing. That is in part because I’m not great at it: it seems like that magic sauce so many people have eludes me. Maybe it’s because I’ve tried to replicate what works for other people… that only gets a person like me so far (I’m kind-of an off-the-wall type and it’s hard to put me in a box.)

Below are some great marketing ideas I’m going to try. If you’re as unique as I am, they might be the kind of marketing ideas you need! Here are three fresh ideas I’m planning to test drive…

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The Createspace/KDP merger & Migration


So I like Createspace. It’s simple, efficient, and powerful. There have been problems in the past (as a company) but they’ve mostly been ironed out in recent years. And now… they are disappearing, pending a migration/merger with KDP which now will print physical books. All recent communication from Createspace claims it will happen “within the next couple weeks.” I suspect the process will finalize around the new year.

Here’s the details and what it may mean for you:

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What Happens to My Indie Book When I Die?


I was working recently with an elderly writer who asked a question I’ve often wondered about. “What happens to my book when I die?” I suppose that’s what prompted me to finally look into the subject. It’s an item that is covered in most publishing contracts… but what about Createspace… the biggest self-publishing outlet? Surely they have experienced this situation.

First things first, an author ought to stipulate rights to his or her intellectual property in a will. It is preferable to do this step before death. Hopefully that joke points to the fact that I am not a lawyer and this post should not be taken as legal advice, but should rather point you in the right direction. Every situation is different; get a lawyer, people. Continue reading What Happens to My Indie Book When I Die?

The Importance of Whitespace


Whitespace (also called negative space, since it isn’t always necessarily white,) is that stuff between the words… all of that empty nothingness. But it’s more than a gap or wasted paper. There is a psychology behind it and a good reason not to cram every word you can muster into the margins… the chief reason being: it tires your brain out, stresses the eyes, and makes readers put down a would-be page turner.

Famous author G. K Chesterton wrote, “The modern world… pile[s] one thing on top of another, without caring if each thing was crushed in turn.  People forgot that the human soul can enjoy a thing most when there is time to think about it and be thankful for it.  And by crowding things together they lost the sense of surprise; and surprise is the secret of joy.” He might not have been explicitly talking about the psychology of words on paper, but his words really do apply. Continue reading The Importance of Whitespace

My Publishing Story Pt.2


Last week I shared with you about the first half of my publishing journey. that was mostly my inspiration and initial years, before I began in earnest. From here on out is the half of the story when I began to look at it more as a business and try to do things with a more professional nature. I would say that, previously, I was a writer. From here on out, I am an author.

You will probably be able to relate to much of my story and the pursuit of a writing career. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section or contact me privately.

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