Author Feature: Dan Petrosini


Dan Petrosini writes Am I the Killer? which is Book 1 in A Luca Mystery Series. It is a story that explores the effects of a brain injury. The idea for it came from watching a documentary on HBO called Crash Reel which followed an Olympic snowboarder who suffered a traumatic brain injury.
In my novel, a returning Marine suffers a brain injury and is accused of murdering a man who bullied him as a child. The investigation is complicated by the marine’s inability or unwillingness to recall the events on the night of the murder.
Homicide detective Frank Luca leads the investigation and the book was so well received that I wrote featuring him.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

Born in NYC but living in S.W. Florida, I am married with two daughters and a needy Maltese. I began writing stories as a child and enjoyed expressing my ideas through them. When it came to longer format, ie novels, I started many but finished none until about 25 years ago when I finally pushed one over the finish line. Since that time, I have whittled away at my non-completion rate and complete most projects. Continue reading Author Feature: Dan Petrosini


Sharpen your hook: Write a killer first page!


Books that sell need a bunch of things.  Before a reader even looks at your content they are going to look for any reason to say “no.” It’s how our minds work—we are constantly asked to run a gauntlet of commercial interests trying to sell us every product under the sun… including your book. If you have a good cover and back blurb and haven’t priced your book into oblivion, only then will a potential reader look at your actual words on paper.

Following is an article on how to sharpen your first page: the single most critical piece of writing in your actual story. If your book is going to make it, the first chapter—especially your first page, has to be amazing. Continue reading Sharpen your hook: Write a killer first page!

Review: Black Moon by Tegon Maus

51itPWF+K7L._SY346_The first thing that I noticed on Tegon Maus’s second installment of the Tucker Littlefield Chronicles was the cover. Front and center on Black Moon, we have perhaps the most unassuming protagonist ever. It immediately made me wonder if Vizzini from the Princess Bride was our main character. Something about the completely normal seeming Littlefield is particularly appealing. Honestly—who puts a balding, middle aged, normal dude as their Fantasy protagonist? Honest people who’ve had enough rippling muscles and flat abs… and Tucker Littlefield is honest (and likeable, too.) Continue reading Review: Black Moon by Tegon Maus

State of Writing


This week didn’t produce as much as I’d hoped, but I did manage to complete the edits on my other WIP, the crime comedy. Marketing took up a big chunk of my free time this week. I’ve been working on a cover redesign for Wolf of the Tesseract (for a huge promo push coming next week) and facebook ads and list building (so many giveaways).

If I get anything done this week, it would be to prep for that big push (and maybe talk to some betas about reading my current WIP). I wouldn’t mind beginning the audio recording of the final Dekker’s Dozen book or perhaps writing a short story, but we’ll see. Work has been weird with all of this snow and missed school days.

Author Feature: CM Cevis

il_fullxfull.318206508Cevis writes a heroine-led Urban Fantasy series, the  starter book tells the story of the origins of the preternatural civil war.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I’m a 37 year old mother, reader, writer and gamer. I’ve always been interested in reading, as my mother was and still is a rabid consumer of mysteries, but I think I gravitate towards UF because of my dad’s influence of Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. Mix in the fact that he and I used to watch Rambo movies and the like WAY before I probably should have been allowed, and you’ve got my writing: Urban Fiction, strong women, violence and explosions. Sometimes some romance. Sometimes. Continue reading Author Feature: CM Cevis

State of Writing


Lots of big things happening… I’ve got most of my next WIP edited. I’m hoping to have it done or almost done after this week.

Mostly I’ve been spending my time on my SciFi. I completed the last novella in the Armageddon Seeds cycle and compiled it into a new paperback that ought to release in a week or so. I also got my Dekker’s Dozen boxset listed and linked through my website.

A lot of my energy right now is going into preparing for a huge push on my Wolves of the Tesseract series. It’s taking up most of my energy at the moment… hopefully I’ll be back to some meaningful writing in 1-2 weeks.

Author Feature: Tim Niederriter


Tim Niederriter writes Space Opera and Fantasy and hosts the roleplaying game podcast “Of Mooks and Monsters.” .

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

The son of two physicists who read me the Hobbit before I went to grade school, I felt primed to be a speculative fiction writer. Over the course of my schooling I wrote a ton of books. More recently, I podcast about authorship and roleplaying games, but my focus is and always has been making fun science fiction and fantasy. Continue reading Author Feature: Tim Niederriter

Is Author Platform Rocket (APR) Worth It?


Strap in for another episode of Chris Reviews a Service. A fellow author who was asking questions in my writing group is who turned me on to Author Platform Rocket/APR. At first, it sounded like something I was very interested in. I think that a perfect service would be something that manages your ad accounts and takes a healthy commission off of the sales for their hard work. You would pay for the ads and they would build/manage them so that the writer can do what they excel at: writing. This sounded like that sort of service! (That led me to the million dollar question… what does that cost?) Continue reading Is Author Platform Rocket (APR) Worth It?

Review: Before the Fall

41QSN-8e8vL.jpgI got an ARC of Leah Downing’s Before the Fall to review for my blog, Inside the Inkwell. It is book #3 of the Shooting Star Series.

While this is not normally my type of book (it’s in a POV I normally hate and on the more romance-tilted side of my main genre,) I found myself really enjoying this book. Continue reading Review: Before the Fall