Interview with Taran Matharu (The Summoner series)


You may or may not have heard of Taran Matharu, but if you read YA Fantasy or use Wattpad at all, you’ve probably heard his story or about his stories. He found an audience via the social networking/writing website and used it as a platform to become a NY Times and Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller! I thought he would be a great voice to hear from on this blog since he started with such independent, obscure roots and rose up to write a bestseller.

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State of Writing


Dekker’s Dozen: Spawn of Ganymede is in the can… or at least it’s in the final stages (and then onto recording for audiobook and release). I’m also still editing like a madman… more of that this week.

This week, I’m hoping to complete my worldbuilding notes for my new fantasy, Ashes of Ailushurai, so I can fill in some blanks and round out some spots during the next round of edits (and then on to my next short story.

Also, I’m hoping to send out a couple lit agent queries for Fear in a Land Without Shadows.

Is KDP Rocket Worth the Investment? Guestblog by J.M. Butler


You may have seen adverts for, or heard about, KDP Rocket. You might be wondering either what it’s used for, or if it’s worth the investment? I came across a discussion in one of my online writing groups and asked J.M. Butler to give me her thoughts as a skeptical user of the marketing software… Continue reading Is KDP Rocket Worth the Investment? Guestblog by J.M. Butler

Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)


So, I’m back after a 1 month hiatus at my blog. Yes, I have a free book this week! But also, I wanted to tell you how you can support writers in a huge way… I use Amazon Affiliate links on all of my reviews, etc. They are neat little things that give promoters a little commission. Christmas is huge for us. If you plan to do some shopping on Amazon, would you click my below link before you do your holiday shopping (even if you’ve gotten my free book before?) Continue reading Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)

State of Writing


I finished my new story, Ashes of Ailushurai in November. Not much more left to write this month… but I’m editing like crazy. I’m working on my daughter’s YA fantasy edits plus getting my nano project smoothed out with some editing software before a revision I’ll send to beta readers.

This week I’m hoping to get a few blogs loaded up and ready for publishing. I’m also hoping to watch a few modules from Mark Dawson’s course. I’ve got to learn how to market online better.

As for writing, I hope to finish recording at least half of what I have remaining for the Audible book on Wolf of the Tesseract 2. I also want to get my next round of edits done for my newest Dekker’s Dozen installment. I’m hoping to get it out before the end of the year (and I hope to be writing the final leg of the 3-story prequel set while I’m on winter vacation… end of Jan at the latest).

State of Writing

November is almost done and I thought I should give an update on my Nanowrimo project. I hit the winning 50k word count before Thanksgiving on my fantasy story The Ashes of Ailusurai. I’m hoping to complete it this week… the rough draft ought to be complete at about 75-80k…

I should also be back with my regular blog in December.

Finding Time to Write


I’ve entertained a lot of questions while hosting my writing workshop and participating in author’s panels. A lot of folks ask this one, “How do you find time to write?”

Bookbub recently posted an interview with an author whose advice echoes my own, and it’s certainly worth revisiting if you’ve ever had times when it finding moments to write seems impossible. Continue reading Finding Time to Write

Review: Armor of Alethia


Ralene Burke’s Armor of Alethia is a great example of faith-based high fantasy. Burke’s primary protagonist, Karina, is relatable in many ways and the storytelling and pacing are on point. As Karina begins to discover more and more about who she is, her fixation on the nearby mountain and her high calling/destiny become more focused. Continue reading Review: Armor of Alethia

State of Writing


I do have several book reviews in my hopper and I hope to get to them in December, when I return, but I fully intend to take pause from my blog in November to concentrate on a nanowrimo project… it might be particularly challenging since I have every intention of first finishing my current scifi project (Spawn of Ganymede) and then launching directly into it!

If you’ve followed me at all (or especially if you know me personally), you know how prone I am to multitasking and spinning a few too many plates at any given time. I’m going to take a month-long hiatus from the blog all November long… so check back in December—hopefully I have awesome things to talk about with a new manuscript! (and there are still two more scheduled blog posts to come, in the meanwhile.)

Christians, Fantasy/SF, and a Culture of Fear

christian fantasy

Halloween is coming and so I thought it would be appropriate to post my Stranger Things themed article. I know that I usually post articles on Wednesday that deal with writing advice… but if you write or read Christian SF/F/H then this article will be relevant.

In 1982, High Fantasy=Satanism… in 2016, Christians embraced themes from Stranger Things: did we escaped the Upside Down or dive in fully? Continue reading Christians, Fantasy/SF, and a Culture of Fear