State of Writing


Swamped. But still going! Life is like that.

I’ve been hard at work on some project management items that are related to writing, but aren’t quite the thing I like. I’ve been putting together a writing course for authors that I intend to teach at some upcoming events (and will be available for private bookings. I’m planning to push this through the early months of 2019 when conventions and other bookings are in decline.)

Alongside the class materials I have developed a 24 page workbook to accompany the Indie Author’s Bible. The workbook is filled with formulas, templates, and interactive sheets to help writers plan for success and launch books with their best foot forward. More on that soon, but for now, you can check out some info at: (the writing course will feature an exclusive handout to the workbook giving a few extra pages as a premium handout).

I have also been in the studio to keep these audiobooks rolling. The Kakos Realm 1 just completed with a separate narrator who is producing the first trilogy. I’ve been working on a few others. Grandma Ethel’s Donuts and Hollowpoints is available on ebook, now, and I recently completed the audio. One Star is also available and the narration is being recorded and due by October (both have gorgeous covers, go check them out!) I’m also about a quarter of the way through recording Wolves of the Tesseract 2.

Lots going on. I have also begun gathering notes for my next Dekker’s Dozen installment. Weeds of Eden will begin recording this week (a great way to refresh myself and exactly where I was going with the story arcs) and then I’ll start outlining the next novella!

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