Mailing lists: what is this newsletter swap thing i keep seeing?


I’ve been pretty keenly interested in getting better at promotions lately. To that end, I’ve enrolled in promo author-guru Mark Dawson’s SPF course and been working on his ads for authors package, especially the Facebook side of things. I’m working though it slow, and dealing with newsletter signups, etc.

I have a mailing list and I set up my triggers to auto-send mail every so often so that my system is in place… before I start spending money on ads, though, I have begun seeing lots of authors talk about newsletter swaps and looked into it. Continue reading Mailing lists: what is this newsletter swap thing i keep seeing?


State of Writing


I ALMOST met my goals last week. It was a busy one to be sure, but most of them really are. I did write well past the half way point mark of my newest SF book. I’ve been promising a new installment for Dekker’s Dozen for a while and said that I would have a new print book in 2019 for my fans to buy at conventions. My novella series (called the Armageddon Seeds) will be available this year—but I have another 10k-12k left to write in it (of a projected 80k or so total) and I hope to be done  with the last 25k novella by the end of next week.

I got about 3.5 chapters of audio recorded last week. I had some time budgeted for it, but my mic began picking up a 60cycle hum and I didn’t want to keep recording until I was able to get a clean input. I’ll try again this week. I really want to complete the audio recording of Wott2 by the end of the month as well. I’ve got lots of projects with notes pending and I’d love to jump into them, but these come first.

Also, convention plans are booked—come hang with me at comicon and lets talk fiction!

Author Feature: Thomas Webb


Thomas Webb writes Steampunk Thrillers, Alternate History, and Military Sc-Fi.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I’m a short story author, essayist, and novelist. I’m a prior service Marine who resides in Richmond, VA, with his wife and two kids. When I’m not spending time with my family or writing, I like lifting weights, running, and choking my friends via the fine art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I got into writing because I love a good story, and was audacious enough to think that I could tell a few myself. Continue reading Author Feature: Thomas Webb

Boxsets, book bundles, and collections, Oh, My


Have you considered creating boxsets, bundles, or collections in order to move more digital books? These are different than anthologies (which I’ve participated in for a while, now. Anthologies are generally themed collections, whereas bundles might or might not be themed and come from a single author, or multiple authors and are usually created for one or more of  a variety of purposes. Here’s some of the reasoning that made me decide to create my own. Continue reading Boxsets, book bundles, and collections, Oh, My

Review of The Dinosaur Lords


This high concept novel seems it has such an amazing potential. George RR Martin himself called it “Game of Thrones meets Jurassic Park.” I first discovered it while scavenging the bones of a failing bookstore chain like a procompsognathus during its “going out of business” sale. It went on my Christmas reading list… and there it stayed. Despite it’s amazing potential, Victor Milan’s Dinosaur Lords took me a year to complete. That is not my norm.

Continue reading Review of The Dinosaur Lords

State of Writing


Last week I got my new fantasy, Ashes of Ailushurai off to the trademark holders. This book. Is. Awesome. I rather surprised myself with some of the subtle themes that thread through it, though it’s written as something of a coming of age quest in a very D&D like world (which is in a trademarked universe). Like most of my books, it really spiraled into something all on its own and I’ve got more ideas than I can reasonably pack between the pages… that may lead to an eventual two more books. I’ll wait to make any decisions for a while. I need to let the trademark holders and their team look over it first to see if it’s a thumbs up or down or needs significant changes to make it into a shared universe. Mums the word until then.

I’m still spinning my wheels somewhat on my audio book recording for Wolves of the Tesseract 2… I’m at about 70% done… I just keep bouncing back to other projects that are also very important and timely. My goal is to record at least 5 chapters this week.

I’m up to 4 chapters on the final Dekker’s Dozen (all of those prequels I’ve been writing are in one series called The Armageddon Seeds. I hope to be at about 30% completed by the weekend, in addition to those audio chapters. Most of my writing plans and goals are already mapped out for the entire year. We’ll see if I take any major detours, but my next two major goals are the audio book and the scifi in the works right now.

Review of Firefly: Big Damn Hero


One of the things I wanted most for the holidays was to take a day or two and sit down with this new Firefly book. Mission accomplished. Big Damn Hero (and I’m assuming the subsequent two books) takes place immediately after the Firefly series ends and in that period of time between the show and the movie Serenity.

There were many things to love about this book by James Lovegrove. There was a fair amount of other involvement as well, including oversight by the Wedon himself.

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