My upcoming travel schedule for 2023 events


Hey everyone! A lot of you have met me at book events, comic conventions, festivals, etc. I thought I would share my 2023 schedule with you all in case you wanted to get a book signed–or even better: maybe you’d want to swap a book for an opportunity to crash on your couch or guest bed? Whenever I don’t have to book hotel rooms it always helps me decide to return to those shows for repeat appearances. If you’re within 45 minutes of any of these shows and can offer a spot just shoot me an email.

jan 6-8 fanexpo new orleand new orleans
5-Feb quadcon cedar rapids. IA
feb 18-19 quadcon peoria, IL
feb 24-26 gamicon geranium cedar rapids, ia
mar 4-5 peoriacon peoria, IL
Mar 11-12 quadcon davenport, IA
Mar 17-19 Planet Comiccon Kansas City, MO
Mar 31-Apr2 C2E2 Chicago, IL
April 1-2 quadcon des moines, IA
1-Apr RodCon cedar falls, ia
May 5-7 Demicon des moines, IA
may 20-21 sleepy hollow renfest des moines, IA
May 19-21 quantum con rochester, mn
May 19-21 anime central rosemount il
June 2-3 MInnesotaCon minneapolis
June 3-4 Des Moines Con des moines, IA
june 16-18 popcon louisville louisville ky
june 17-18 quadcon cedar rapids
June 21-25 Origins game fair Columbus, OH
july 6-9 convergence minneapolis
july 15-16 collectacon kansas city, mo
July 28-30 anime iowa coralville, ia
Aug 3-6 gencon indianapolis, IN
August 10-13 fanexpo Chicago, IL
August 25-27 Popcon Indy indianapolis, IN
aug31-sep 4 Dragon Con atlanta, GA
sep 15-17 Cincinnati Comic Book Expo cincinnati, OH
oct 1-3 Siouxpercon Sioux Falls, SD
oct 19-22 gameholecon madison, wi
nov 3-5 twin cities con minneapolis, mn
Dec1-3 Galaxycon columbus, OH

I’ll be doing more events than this, but it’s a pretty good start!