State of Writing


I’ve been aiming for a chapter per week on the new scifi–so far so good. I’m also working on some new devo installments for a co-op book that should drop this fall. I’ve almost got mine done, plus a few installments for a future release.

Truthfully, my writing output was rubbish this week, except for a good push at the end. But i did feel like I accomplished a lot at work this week (lots of volunteering) and I spent 7 hours behind a wheel on saturday to get to a bagpipe gig… so I feel like it was an okay week… I’d love to double my output this week. Ideally, I would love to put out 10,000 words per week (thats a half million per year.) Maybe it’s a goal to shoot for in the future 🙂 right now, I will be happy with two chapters this week. I’m dabbling with the idea of some rapid release stuff and a big push this fall/winter. We’ll see I’ve got some AMS training videos to watch first.


Be careful with your monkeys: how to accidentally mess up with Mailchimp’s new changes


So Mailchimp made some very unpopular changes which affect a lot of us indie authors. Part of their appeal had been to offer free services up to 2,000 people. Some of their shenanigans have really put the screws to those of us who spend more time writing new stories than managing our lists.

A lot of folks who are better at this than me can speak to the shady maneuver the head chimps pulled to sneakily insert useless data into our lists and inflate them. if you only have 100 or so readers it is no big deal–but if you’re constantly hovering around the 2,000 subscriber mark, it makes a world of difference! What happens when your mailchimp audience/mailing list hits 2,000 members? Continue reading Be careful with your monkeys: how to accidentally mess up with Mailchimp’s new changes

State of Writing


I made my chapter last week! I was pretty happy about that (I actually wrote more than that, but I hit my minimum, so I was pleased. I’m still rocking and rolling on Dekker’s Dozen: Austicon’s Lockbox. I’ve also been reading through Dune (I can’t believe I never read it before—I’ve been super wowed by it and it’s been good inspiration since Austicon’s Lockbox has some of that same kinds of multi-layered subterfuge and intrigue.)

This week, another chapter (hopefully two) and I have some other back end/business stuff to do as well (new email newsletter and a whole new response system—I’m moving to a different provider because my list size has grown to a new level that necessitates it.)

State of Writing


More business on my part. My wife’s coffee shop opened this week, which kept me hopping with stuff… plus I got a few lastminute bagpiping calls (which means funerals) with lots of driving attached to it. So, even though I didn’t get as much writing done as wanted, I did get lots of reading (via audible)  accomplished while I was behind the wheel. (Need a story to try, email me and I can get you download codes for y books on audible).

This week’s goals include completing a long section (a few connected flashback sequences) I’ve been writing for the new Dekker’s Dozen. Once I get it plowed through I’ll be able to get some progress done again. This new story has lots of twists, turns, and intrigue along with the amounts of action that you’ve normally seen in my space opera shoot-em-ups. I’d love to get that done and complete the next chapter.

How can I give away free copies of my Audible Audiobook?


If you have been an ACX creator for a while, you may remember back when audible used to email you 25 free download codes as soon as your book was ready for download. More than a year ago they simply stopped doing that. You can still get those codes, but now you must request them to be generated.

Here is how to get those codes so that you can send them to reviewers or other folks who might want to listen if the price was right (free).

Continue reading How can I give away free copies of my Audible Audiobook?

Guestblog: “The Race Where You Can’t Afford a Burnout.”

I met Kim Dorothy in a writer’s group where she shared this article and I’ve reblogged it with her permission. One of the things I talk about a lot when I teach workshops is to guard your dreams and hopes from others who might, intentionally or accidentally, destroy the joy you find in being a writer.

Her article offers some great personal insight into avoiding burnout and how to increase productivity. Read Kim’s tips below! Continue reading Guestblog: “The Race Where You Can’t Afford a Burnout.”