Review: Secrets of Peace

secretsWhen I came across Secrets of Peace by T.A. Hernandez I immediately thought, this book cover is gorgeous. We all judge books by their cover, and this one hooked me right away. I’ve had people stop at my table at book festivals for the same reason: gorgeous book covers.

It’s a good thing that Hernandez also has fun ideas for the fiction she puts between her covers. (According to her bio, we’ve got much in common as far as writing inspirations go, so it’s no wonder I clicked with this book right away.) Continue reading Review: Secrets of Peace


State of Writing


I am sooooo close to being able to write creatively again J I finished the workbook and I hope to finish revisions/edits on it this week to make it print ready. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to start fooling around with outlining for my next Dekker’s Dozen story.

Perhaps I’m procrastinating my Hidden Rings series when I’d hoped to be wrapping up another installment around now, but I’m feeling drawn to short fiction. It helps me stay sharp, and there are a few stories which I’d very much like to complete for future reasons (another Dekker’s Dozen print installment and a few other stories I’ve kicked around for many years in different variations.)

Ideally, the rest of my year looks like this: while recording two audiobooks in the works, outline and write another Dekker’s Dozen novella, sketch characters and outline a fantasy story I’m toying with, rewrites on Fear in a Land Without Shadows before beta reads, and then work on the next Hidden Rings book this fall/winter.

Time to get crackin.

My Publishing Story Pt.1


I often field questions via email. One of those recently was “how did you first get published?” I thought that’s a good story, one fraught with trolls and many other dangers. It might lend some credibility to my advice, and maybe you can identify with parts of my tale. I’m certain you can all relate to parts of my journey. Continue reading My Publishing Story Pt.1

Review: Pilgrims with Blades


I was given a copy of Pilgrims with Blades by the author, Douglas Van Dyke Jr, at a convention I attended. There are many things to love about this book. The appendices and artwork give great flavor to the world of Dhea Loral, which is a part of the larger world that Van Dyke writes in (with at least one completed trilogy apart from the Pilgrims that I know about.) Continue reading Review: Pilgrims with Blades

State of Writing


So I’m about twelve hours behind on my Monday blog… but I had a big weekend. I did the MN Fan Fusion comic convention. What started as a sluggish first day turned into one of my top two book sales events ever. I moved something like 50-60 books (if you count comic books, and roughly 40 of those were novels sold.)

I’ve got big ambitions for the next week, but I haven’t felt particularly drawn to any projects beyond getting caught up on prewritten blogs, though I may sketch out some short fiction to begin over the next couple weeks (I consistently sell out of my Firefly-esque sci-fi novel at cons and I’m about 40,000 words/2 novelettes away from having a new paperback installment ready for readers… and several have asked after it this year.) I’m also in the midst of two new projects I’m collaborating on with art teams and have spent some time doing other, non-novel writing projects.

Man. I’ve got to start writing. Gotta balance that line between promotion and writing. I’ve also been developing a workbook to go along with my Indie Author’s Bible to use during workshops and panels where I’m helping other writers. My big goal for this week: finish those last few pages on that workbook so I can get back into the creative side of things.

The Dark Side of Having a Lit Agent


I recently read an interesting article from Kristine Kathryn Rusch (a Hugo winning SF author). As an unagented author this is something that is not currently on my radar: having to deal with agents embezzling money from me, but it is a problem, according to many authors. according to Rusch, it is more common at the bigger, most respected agencies than anywhere else.

Continue reading The Dark Side of Having a Lit Agent

Review: Blood Calls

51+2Z1a+PqL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I recently got Andrew Wichland’s book Blood Calls (Dragon Knight Chronicles book 2). He continues his saga with the same tight storytelling and fast paced action typical of his novels. (I’ve read two previous titles by him and they never fail to disappoint.)

In Blood Calls, Robin’s got a problem. Maltanore may be dead, but his armor is still acting wonky. His quest to ree the magical beings previously enslaved takes him through space… and the stakes increase when he discovers his long lost sister being dragged into slavery. Continue reading Review: Blood Calls

State of Writing


I had a nice weekend… I did very little, although I was able through the week, to begin the audio production on Through the Darque Gates of Koth and hired out the TKR series to an audible talent who will record and produce all three books by winter.

Last week I did get my copies back for Bridge of Se7en, my paranormal detective short story, back and submitted to the publisher, so cross your fingers. I’m also planning on writing another comic book and have been in discussion with Jessie Gillespie about doing the art (he did all the artwork for the wildly popular Hand of Fate board game).

Other than that, I’ve got lots of projects in the works. Now to keep recording my next 2 audible releases and working outlines for my next couple projects!

Review: Touched by the Fire of the Sun

51YvJ85zEVL._SY346_Touched by the Fire of the Sun. That title gives the book something of a series feel from the cover. It really is something other than what is pitched on the front (a graphic that feels like an anime version of Marvel’s Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox.) Flipping to the back we find it’s something more of a SF rom-com, and that’s a genre there are not enough of. Everything these days are ripped bodices and turgid members. I’d prefer not to break into a nervous sweat during romance scenes in a book. Continue reading Review: Touched by the Fire of the Sun