I am participating more and more in cross-promotions with other authors. If you have a newsletter or mailing list I would love to work with you on trading traffic. (Newsletter swaps, etc.) There is no cost for this.

I often do author features/interviews on Fridays at my blog: https://authorchristopherdschmitz.wordpress.com/  and I am actively looking writers who want to trade slots for self-promotion. If this is you and you’d like to be featured on my blog, fill out this Author Feature Application and then follow it up with an email to me at my gmail address: authorchristopherdschmitz (or use the form on my main author website) to let me know 1. that you have submitted the form and 2. when your next newsletter feature/promo spot is open, and 3. if it’s audience is friendly to Sci-Fi/Fantasy readers (why my books would be a good fit for your blog, newsletter, etc.)

Author Feature Application

Your author feature does not need to meet my regular submissions guidelines for book reviews as I am committing to promoting and not necessarily to reading it (though I’m not planning to promote anything overtly hateful, graphically violent, or pornographic) which means romance, nonfiction, and short stories (the main things I am frequently asked to read that are on my “please don’t send list”) are all fine.

Here are a few pertinent blog details. Inside the Inkwell has featured interviews with multiple NYT bestsellers in the last year, been reblogged by Writer Beware, Kindlepreneur, and other heavy hitters and is averaging about 150 unique hits daily by the end of 2018 and 81% of my traffic came from USA. My blog posts (which feature authors) auto-send to followers and also push to my personal and professional social media as well as RSS feeds on my Amazon site and my Goodreads profile and remain on my blog indefinitely.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at this link!