Review: Secrets of Peace

secretsWhen I came across Secrets of Peace by T.A. Hernandez I immediately thought, this book cover is gorgeous. We all judge books by their cover, and this one hooked me right away. I’ve had people stop at my table at book festivals for the same reason: gorgeous book covers.

It’s a good thing that Hernandez also has fun ideas for the fiction she puts between her covers. (According to her bio, we’ve got much in common as far as writing inspirations go, so it’s no wonder I clicked with this book right away.)

The new world Zira lives in isn’t quite the dark dystopia of Orwell’s mind, nor does it seem as jaded as Bladerunner, but it’s not good, either…at least not when you understand the impact of their PEACE PROJECT. It gave me a very Black Widow meets Panem vibe. It’s a mix that works and produces characters that are believable.

Hernandez’s writing is tight and the story is well paced (with a great hook in the beginning that begs the reader to continue turning pages.)

I got a free copy in exchange for a review on Inside the Inkwell Blog.

You can check it out by clicking here!

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