Review: Traditions of their Fathers


Traditions of their Fathers, book 1 in the Sieger Chronicles, is one part dystopia, one part mystery, one part thriller, Cory Ellsworth’s characters have to flee their home as government agents try to destroy it. During that flight, Ben Sieger learns all about the true nature of the world: that corrupt governments have tampered with the water and are controlling the populace, and that the one in charge, their much beloved political, leader might be the Devil himself.

Ellsworth’s characters are believable and it reads well for a YA. There is a great unfolding element of mystery as Ben and his friends go on a high-stakes journey of self-discovery in an all-too possible American nightmare of power-mad military and government corruption.

The writing is tight and care is taken not to info dump; the narrative unfolds as the Ben discovers the truth about the corrupt system and felt reminiscent of the middle Hunger Games books (as Katniss finally realizes the level of systemic rot in the oligarchy and determines to do something about it.) That all gives it a brilliant setup for future installments.

Traditions of their Fathers is a clean read and remains interesting for most age groups. I’d recommend it for any jr high student or beyond. I got a free copy in exchange for a review at Inside the Inkwell Blog. You can check it out by click this link.

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