Review: The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi

51oD0pjJ62L._SY346_I recently got an audio version of Kelvyn Fernandes’ book The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi. It was the perfect adventure for my recent road trip—something that the characters themselves also seemed to find themselves on, of a sort.

Fernandes’ does a good job of crafting an original feeling fantasy world, but also keeping it familiar enough that we are not pushed out of the story. I typically enjoy anything with a goblin element and so the first tale of their plundering a goblin king’s treasure was a great hook. The slightly askew take on gnomes and their relationships to the goblins was a great touch of world building as well and Fernandes does  a good job of scattering world building nuggets throughout the text (I hate info dumps). The relationship between Peter and Fi is also a highlight of his writing. Each character is wildly unique and surprising as you learn more about him and her.

The chapters felt somewhat episodic, which is a format that I like (and also write with in my SF series) so that The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi seems like season 1 in an unfolding television show; I could imagine this as a fantasy-styled anime.

I recommend picking up this book. You can check it out by clicking here!


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