Author Feature: CM Cevis

il_fullxfull.318206508Cevis writes a heroine-led Urban Fantasy series, the  starter book tells the story of the origins of the preternatural civil war.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I’m a 37 year old mother, reader, writer and gamer. I’ve always been interested in reading, as my mother was and still is a rabid consumer of mysteries, but I think I gravitate towards UF because of my dad’s influence of Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. Mix in the fact that he and I used to watch Rambo movies and the like WAY before I probably should have been allowed, and you’ve got my writing: Urban Fiction, strong women, violence and explosions. Sometimes some romance. Sometimes.

Tell us about your stories:

I am not a chick-flick kind of girl, and that goes for my books as well as my movies. I want everything entertainment medium that I interact with to have a healthy dose of fire, magic, violence, and sometimes some sex. That’s the way that I write as well. There’s going to be language, someone is going to bleed, someone might die and it might be someone you like.

What kind of success have you had?

I’m actually kind of new at this, so my successes have been that I’ve heard from fans that love my books and felt strongly enough about it to reach out a let me know. That’s meant the world to me while I was getting my 2019 line-up ready, because like most people, I’m hard on myself and often think that I suck at this. Knowing that I don’t is amazing.

What books/authors are your greatest influence?

The first book that I absolutely fell in love with was The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I was in elementary school, and I’d check it out from my school library, devour it, and be back for it again a few weeks later. I’ve always loved books where the world wasn’t like my own, and that world was so amazing to me. I checked it out so often that when I graduated to middle school, the librarian gave it to me. I still have it.

Give us an insight into a time you wrote a scene with feeling.

Well, it’s not out yet… But I will say that it’s in my March release (series #2 starter, offshoot of the Civil universe), and any reader will know the part that made me cry the moment that they get to it.


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