Review: Manybooks promo


We authors get pitched a lot of author services. I thought I’d review many of these as they come to me and let you guys decide how they did. I’ll provide as much data as I can and give my rating at the bottom.

This week: $.99 ad Manybooks.

Like many of these discount book services, they claim their best traffic comes from steeply discounted or free ebooks. I decided to try a .99 promo on a book promotion site called ManyBooks. The book I ran is a relatively new book for me but is part of a series that has lots of downloads and other books in the series have reviews. This is book 1 in a new story arc (you don’t need familiarity with the rest of the series and the sequel is also out as of a few weeks before the ad).

But first, let’s give a refresher on my metrics for the grading scorecard: A: made back well more than the price of entry. B: more or less broke even. C: lost some money but still has its purposes. D: a bad bet that definitely loses cash and fails to live up to promises. F: same as a D, except it so colossally fails with what authors get for the price comparison that it could potentially torpedo some writers’ careers. Indies, avoid these services. Ye been warned. Additional points scored (+/-) based on professionalism of services, amount of feedback/communication, and general helpfulness of the service, etc.

Dekker’s Dozen: Weeds of Eden
Has reviews: no
Is part of a series: yes
Cost of regular ad: $25
Subscriber base: 150k
Free or discounted: $0.99
Results: 6 downloads and approx. 3 KU read-throughs (about $6 profit combined)

Thoughts: it might have had better results if the book had some reviews posted in advance, so I admit that I could have run a book with a better chance of success. I would consider using them again, but probably not for a paid book. If I run one with their service and a Free book, I’ll update with a new, separate score.

My Grade: C


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