Review: Sabotage in the Sundered Sky


This is my third review for a different Ultimate Ending book which is a relatively new line of CYOA (choose your own adventure) books. I thought it had some pros and cons compared to the other titles (the first book I read in the series is still my favorite.)

In Sabotage in the Sundered Sky, your name is Beckett and you are a machinery specialist. After disguising yourselves and sneaking past security, you and your brother are free to enjoy the luxury of the Kensington Airship in peace. But when disaster begins to befoul the trans-Atlantic blimp, you realize it’s up to you to figure out what–or who–is causing the chaos.

Something I liked about the book is that many of the choices had a more intricate mechanic for the “if you/then turn to” story. Some of it is tied to the gambling and casino aspect and it made for different sorts of puzzles rather than just two or three options and a page turn. These have been in other UE books, too, such as Tower of Never There.  They seemed somehow better in this version, but that’s a matter of opinion. I did notice that the gutter margins were pretty tight and so I was afraid I was going to ruin my cover in the early pages of the book. Not a big deal in the long term and it had no impact on the story.

In short, it’s a great addition to the UE series. As a kid I always thought airships were neat—we got to see them on film in some great cartoons and movies (like Indiana Jones) in my era’s childhood. Films like Up, Skycaptain, steampunk everything, and some episodes of modern Dr. Who have kept interest alive.

I got a few books from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review over at Inside the Inkwell. Pick up your copy on Amazon.


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