State of Writing


I was able to sit down on a rare, uncommitted Saturday and finish the outlines for the Secret Rings cycle. I will probably go back over them again soon and rehash all of them now that it’s done. I kind of started with a planetary view and now I have a 20,000 foot cruising altitude. For the sake of really knowing the story I hope to catalogue the minor characters and finish fleshing out the profiles for my main characters now that I know more about them in the context of the story. If I can take that overview down to a low-fly-over before the new year I will be happy—that will probably happen next week.

On the business side, I did a thing in Minneapolis called pop-up bookstore which was pretty cool. however, I didn’t have many books since I had such a banner day at a Christmas event and my replacement books haven’t arrived yet from publishers. I will have them shortly, though, so if anyone wants to send autographed paperbacks for the holidays, just contact me through my website and we can set it up!

This is my last week at work for the year and I need to spend a ton of time in the office so I won’t log much time at my computer (in the middle of an office move before my Christmas vacation starts and I’ve got to complete it… end of the year switches our contract to new facility, so I must be out or I can’t take a break.)  That said, I’m not setting any goals this week, though I’d like to write a short story and one or two flash pieces before the end of the year, but I’ll set those goals next week when I have time to actually write.

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