Review: Enden


I had the chance to review an early copy of David Kummer’s Enden which promises to be the first in a larger series. There are a number of things to appreciate about the novel which I got as part of the review section for my Inside the Inkwell blog. One of the first things worth noting is that the author is still a high school student. That’s significant to know because of the level of mythopoeia surrounding the story. I read a pretty large number of books each year and focus my efforts on Sci FI and Fantasy; Enden might be the most Tolkienesque story I’ve read this year.

As a fellow fantasy author I appreciate the replete notes and indexes. It goes a long way to building the world. The writing does have a Tolkien flair as well which has pros and cons. It may turn off some younger or first-time fantasy readers, but a familiarity even with just the Peter Jackson movies will make the text more accessible to readers and help envision the settings, races, etc. I did find (and appreciate) the level of magic, which also hearkens to LotR rather than Forgotten Realms and that makes it more important/more powerful by comparison, IMO.

I mentioned that I had an early draft to review. There were some formatting glitches and consistent grammatical errors. I did mention them to the writer who discovered it had been the early draft; some of them have been fixed through revisions, but I can’t speak to it in the final version. I also don’t care for the cover; readers of my indie writing blog may be familiar with this amongst my other pet peeves, but don’t let it deter you, especially if you’re looking for a new, up-and-coming author to follow and a new realm to explore.

There are great seeds planted for a great series. Time will tell where it all goes and with such a young author things will only continue to build the world of Enden one page at a time.

Get it here:

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