State of Writing

So it’s the day after Christmas. I’m enjoying some vacation time and find I have to sneak away from family to do some of the writing that I want to accomplish. I finished my third draft of Fear in a Land Without Shadows a couple days before Santa’s big show (my first day of vacation when everyone else was still in school/work) and feel it’s ready to for beta readers to start looking at.

I spent a couple days trying to nail down my next project. As I flipped through my little black book where I keep my idea hooks and outlines for stuff I’m working on I came across a hook that I’d forgotten about. It’s a short story I hope to have written before New Year’s. It’s called One Star and kind of a reverse of Misery where an obsessed author kidnaps a vindictive Amazon reviewer and tortures him. I’m kind of channeling my inner psycho for it which makes sleeping a little scary… I’m kind of a method actor when it comes to writing. I’ve done some twisted stuff in my dreams the last two nights… on the flip side, though, it inspired me for something else… I had to stop writing about a third through the story (right after the kidnapping,) because I needed to sketch out what the author’s book. It turns out he was a speculative fiction author and the book he wrote is critical to the plot of the second Wolf of the Tesseract book which takes a more Lovecraftian appeal (though I definitely side more with the August Derleth side of the mythos than with Yog-Sogothery) One Star will likely be a part of a series of short stories that set the stage for Wolves of the Tesseract.

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