State of Writing


So I kept up with my goals for the week… I thought it’d be great to complete a new chapter for Fear in a Land Without Shadows, but I thought it more important to go back while my review notes of the first two parts were still fresh and rework a few parts. I also redrafted my outline for the book and I managed to get a few new pieces for John in the John completed. Oh yeah, and an article for our local newspaper–I’ve been asked to do some freelancing on a weekly basis on addition to the column I contribute to a couple times a year. I kinda feel like I’m treading water like Michael Phelps as far as my writing goes.

I have a BBQ contest this weekend, a major youth event, a big fundraiser, and my regular work schedule plus an article or two due for the newspaper–but my goals for the week are to complete the new chapter in Fear, write a new devo piece for JitJ, and rewrite my nonfiction proposal for John in the John so that I can start submitting it to agents as completion of the draft draws near.

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