Evil Demon Pokemon vs. Our Savior The Donald

Captain Trumpcard: “Fear not good Christians! I shall save your children!”

I promise you I’m not going to get political, but I wanted to share this piece of art my friend Becky Alexander did after a conversation her husband and I had about the insanity that is often Western Evangelicalism and how as a group they tend to create their own heroes and villains from completely arbitrary psuedo-scripture that they invent or write themselves. I say this as a Western Evangelical. Seriously. We’ve got to stick to the script. If those who didn’t like Pokemon Go, Hilary Clinton, or the Scopes Monkey Trial funneled the energy required for that kind of activism into actual Bible Study, missions work, or living out their faith through community service the planet might not be quite as bad off as it appears right now. Anyhow–not bashing on Christians, just encouraging us all to act a little more like it on occasion and stop using that label as an excuse to win an argument.

Anyhow–if you haven’t peeked at the Pokemon Go discussion we had on my Author Facebook Page, then you really ought to go check it out! Give me a follow and consider joining my mailing list.

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