How to Create Coupon/Discount Codes for Createspace/Indie Boooks


I know I had to do a little research into this for myself when I wanted to offer discounts as an added bonus to friends and readers who subscribed to my mailing list (BTW, you should totally signup here for that: OFFICIAL MAILING LIST)…

Right at the get-go I want to mention that this method does not give you coupons for It gives you coupons only for the Createspace eStore. Yes. There is a difference. You make more money per sale if a book is purchased directly via Createspace–while Amazon owns CS, they are not the same and have different front-end and back-end systems. That said, Amazon is a middle-man reseller and takes their cut for housing your book on their digital shelves, just like any brick-and-mortar store would. I would suggest creating your own e-book store on your personal author website (don’t have one? Get one! Like, before you finish reading this sentence. You need one.) You can use your own point of sale system and integrate the CS bookstore into it.

The up-side is more money and the ability to grant coupons (even down to the point that you make nothing on a sale if you wish.) The down-side is that it’s not directly Amazon (which shoulders the burden of consumer confidence) and there aren’t options for free shipping.

For the purposes of this post, I will use my Sci-fi novel Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen, which I’ve just linked to the CS store page. (BTW, if you buy it, you can a 10% discount with this coupon code: GK4AEER4 )

Step One:
Where the heck is your createspace book link? Here it is, (it’s the above linked book, in fact.)


Step Two:
Go to your Sales Channels page. Make sure that the Createspace eStore is selected as a possible sales channel (it is selected by default). You have limited control to setup how your page looks under the Setup link and you can create coupons under the Discount Codes link. The system is a little clunky (you have to go through a separate setup page to get a code and then go back to enter the code and it’s discount amount–also, you don’t get to pick what the codes are,) but it is a functional system.


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