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Last day FREE: Why Your Pastor Left–go get it now! I appreciate any and all reviews and shares on social media.
it’s available on ebook, paperback, and audible. There is a paperback giveaway at Goodreads, too. I promise to stop beating this drum after today.


Free Fiction Tuesday

DDwatchmen ebookI’m finally catching some traction over at Wattpad. Dekker’s Dozen went featured and shot up by 600 reads over the weekend. I went from about 30 followers to 400! This is all very good news for the impending launch of Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen… growing an audience is always a good thing.

In order to get featured I had to get the story completed and fully available online. That means you can now read the story (it’s the second-to-last draft… final form coming to print soon) in its entirety if you so choose.

Click through here:
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Free Fiction Tuesday


I wanted to jump back into the normal swing of things with a story of my own: the next installment of Dekker’s Dozen. I’d intended to button it up my run on superhero stories with one of my own, and then I went through my old records and discovered Shadows of the Superhero was never published… I had an offer on it but the publisher wanted some revisions… I guess I never did them and returned the story. Oops. So it gave me a chance to revise and query someone new… eight years later. Anyhow, here’s the next in my sci-fi


Free Fiction Tuesday


Continuing with our theme of superheros, I came across this very fun book. I know what you might be thinking: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was an awful movie… and you’d be right (the book was fun, but I think you had to be a horny teenage boy with a blood fetish to appreciate the atrocity that the movie was)… I mean, I could be wrong… but rather than argue the point you could just go and read this book. It’s got everything a person could want: superheros, Jane Austin, and an author who looks like a young Val Kilmer.

Pride and Prejudice and Superheros

Free Fiction Tuesday


I saw Batman V Superman the other day and thought… heck, with such a plethora of superhero movies out there (and with my nephews getting me all sparked up on the genre over the course of an Easter visit) lets dedicate the next couple weeks to hero stories. Here’s an intriguing read called No Capes that I found enjoyable with the right mix of action, intrigue, and humor.


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Free Fiction Tuesday


Ava is a typical seventeen-year-old dealing with everyday teenage problems. A job opportunity for her father takes her parents overseas. Not wanting to move, she accepts her grandmother’s offer to let her live with her, until her parents return.

On her first day at school in the new town, she meets Jared Walker-tall, dark and gorgeous, with an ego to match. Ava soon discovers that there is more to him than meets the eye. He is hiding a secret that will pull her into his world and put her life in danger.

Hey peeps. I have another free book for you all this week, so warm up your Kindle and grab a seat.  Here’s a free full length YA urban/paranormal. All you fans of Twilight and City of Bones will feel right at home with this, so snatch it up while it’s still available at the cost of a casual mouse-click!


Free Fiction Tuesday


In this week’s installment, Ezekiel shows up in Dekker’s private sanctum and takes the mercenary on a confusing, time-hopping adventure where he discovers some interesting things about his family’s past, the history of the Reliquary, and has to relive the worst day of his life. But even as he is forced back into that bloody day when Prognon Austicon took everything from him, Dekker holds out hope that he can somehow prevent the murder of his wife and child, averting this entire timeline.

Check it out, and share it around!