Free Fiction Tuesday! #wott


Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen
I wanted to give you all a final chance to pick up my sci-fi for free today on Kindle. If you liked Firefly, you should check out Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen. It’s normally five bucks on Kindle. Today is the last day it’s free (just checkout normally–the price is set to $0.00).

Wolf of the Tesseract
WotT has just dropped on Audible/ACX and I have 2 free downloads up for grabs. They will be randomly selected followers who share this post by the weekend! You can check it out and listen to a sample on Amazon.

The Kakos Realm: Grinden Proselyte
TKR Book 1 is currently a giveaway at Goodreads. Just click Enter Giveaway to potentially win a paperback copy! This 1st in an epic Christian Fantasy series is what you might expect if Frank Perretti wrote a Game of Thrones novel.

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Free Fiction Tuesday: The Kakos Realm


Here’s a link to a free paperback giveaway I’m currently running on Goodreads! That’s right. FREE. It will cost you nothing to enter and potentially win a free copy of The Kakos Realm: Grinden Proselyte. Click this link for the giveaway!

“This 1st in an epic Christian Fantasy series is what you would expect if Frank Perretti wrote a Game of Thrones novel.”


Blog To Read

So, instead of recommending a book or pushing a free book, I thought I’d push out a cool blog post from a minister friend who drew heavily on my book Why Your Pastor Left for his sermon. You can check it out here:

Matt is a friend of mine who is also an author. I’m currently about half-way through his novel, Shadowlight. I expect that I’ll have a review up for that in a week or two.

Free Fiction Tuesday Triple Shot!

2016-08-13 19.43.30

I’ve got a few new things in the works that will be coming out very soon! The Kakos Realm: Grinden Proselyte (book 1) should be coming out next week–got the edits all done over the weekend after my line editor got done with it and I had a chance to look over the galley and make some format/cover alterations. Wolf of the Tesseract is available now on ebook and should be out on audio in a couple weeks. It’s been a busy year… in the above photo, four of those five books came out this year! I’ll have completed another nonfiction book and a new novel by years end bringing my count up to 3 books this year! I also decided, after taking a new look at an old 45k word Paranormal YA book I wrote eight years ago that I might do some heavy rewriting on it–I’ve always liked the concept, so I might as well rework the subpar execution and push it out for free on Wattpad, where YA rules all like the One Ring.

I’ve got two giveaways for free stuff going on right now! Get a FREE paperback copy of Wolf of the Tesseract over at my Goodreads contest. Also, you can get your FREE audiobook copy of Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen at my facebook author page!
DDwatchmen ebook

If you want a free story right now, check out the piece below!

godofthunderBurning the God of Thunder is available here:

“God owes me a 1936 Harley Davidson Knucklehead!” It’s what drives Burn–Bernard Crowley. With that one statement, he can easily justify every evil act he’s ever committed as he’s crisscrossed the country on two roaring wheels. While heading west through New Mexico, his mirror showed a mammoth of a man riding an old Ironhead and coming up fast. Shirtless, tan, and blonde, Burn mentally identified him as Thor, at least until they could pull off for gas or a drink at some biker dive. He might not have been the son of a god, but the tall blonde claimed to be a guardian angel on a critical mission–one in which Burn played an important role and forces the jaded biker to confront his past demons.

Free Fiction Tuesday


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had anything worth really sharing (that may be because I’ve bee so busy with my real-life job). I talked recently with fellow author Lee Burvine who asked me to look at his book The Kafir Project: “Astronomer and TV science guy Gevin Rees just landed the interview of a lifetime with the world’s most famous physicist. Remarkable, because the eccentric genius is notoriously reclusive… And he’s dead… What happens next forces Rees to run for his life from not one but two deadly assassins and global powers desperate to bury what he’s just uncovered.”

I found The Kafir Project to be engaging and grab me right away. The end of the first chapter even does a great job of setting the hook! His writing style has a visceral sense of realism that you see in authors like Dan Brown or Clive Cussler and the plot and characters were certainly engaging. The Kafir Project is certainly worth checking out.

Free Fiction Tuesday

DDwatchmen ebookI’m finally catching some traction over at Wattpad. Dekker’s Dozen went featured and shot up by 600 reads over the weekend. I went from about 30 followers to 400! This is all very good news for the impending launch of Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen… growing an audience is always a good thing.

In order to get featured I had to get the story completed and fully available online. That means you can now read the story (it’s the second-to-last draft… final form coming to print soon) in its entirety if you so choose.

Click through here:
and don’t forget to follow and click the star to vote it up!

Free Fiction Tuesday


I wanted to jump back into the normal swing of things with a story of my own: the next installment of Dekker’s Dozen. I’d intended to button it up my run on superhero stories with one of my own, and then I went through my old records and discovered Shadows of the Superhero was never published… I had an offer on it but the publisher wanted some revisions… I guess I never did them and returned the story. Oops. So it gave me a chance to revise and query someone new… eight years later. Anyhow, here’s the next in my sci-fi

Free Fiction Tuesday


Continuing with our theme of superheros, I came across this very fun book. I know what you might be thinking: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was an awful movie… and you’d be right (the book was fun, but I think you had to be a horny teenage boy with a blood fetish to appreciate the atrocity that the movie was)… I mean, I could be wrong… but rather than argue the point you could just go and read this book. It’s got everything a person could want: superheros, Jane Austin, and an author who looks like a young Val Kilmer.

Pride and Prejudice and Superheros

Free Fiction Tuesday


I saw Batman V Superman the other day and thought… heck, with such a plethora of superhero movies out there (and with my nephews getting me all sparked up on the genre over the course of an Easter visit) lets dedicate the next couple weeks to hero stories. Here’s an intriguing read called No Capes that I found enjoyable with the right mix of action, intrigue, and humor.

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