Want to sell more books at live events? Free resource for a limited time!


Early May… at a mid-Iowa Renaissance Festival.
It always rains at renfest. At least for a few minutes. A quick shower gave me a moment to sort out the larger bills from the smaller ones. It was only the first day, but I was doing pretty well. Enough that a random kilted man sees my cash and says to his buddy in the pirate outfit, “Dang, man. I’m in the wrong business. I’ve gotta write me a book.”

Here’s the thing about me, but I’m good at live sales… like the face to face kind… I’m always trying to improve my online sales systems, but I excel at live shows. I travel to sell my books at multiple events per year. Let me tell you about it…

Fast Forward to May 21…
It’s 2 weeks after renfest and I just sold $1,500 worth of books in one 7-hour day at a convention; it’s a good show, but still far from my best ever. I’m on pace to do about $7k in face to face sales for the month (see my screenshot,) which is about 600 paperback and hardcover books. I’m not trying to brag, rather to demonstrate that I’m good at this part of the author business.

The cool part is that this is something a person can learn. I teach other authors how to perform better and sell more at face-to-face engagements. For many it’s an easier path than trying to figure out CPC ads and data scrapers.

Not everybody can sell well in person. Some people can’t seem to wrap their noodle around digital marketing. We’ve all got different skillsets.

For me, digital sales are my worst–but I’m great at selling paperbacks to people. I’ve taken probably every online course in the past from many digital marketers and lately I’ve been helping indies sell more books at live events (conventions, vendor fairs, etc.) and I’m giving my system away for the next couple weeks!

I will be releasing Sell More Books at Live Events in late 2022. I’ll be offering free copies for review and looking for ARC feedback (and reviews at launch). I teach exactly what I do to sell thousands of paperback books per year (I’m on course this month to break $7k in sales, or about 600 books).

Click here to get the book in advance! You will not be placed on my newsletter or signed up for anything. This is an offer on the new nonfiction only. You will not be advertised to or have your info passed on.

I’ll be offering a full course, soon. Until then, you can also join this Facebook group to connect with others and get advice on how to improve your live sales.

The book is currently available for preorder from all major outlets at https://books2read.com/sellmorebooks


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