Writing Sci-Fi Space Battles? Watch this!

I stumbled upon this video while in the midst of writing my MilSF book with a kind of Star Trek/BSG vibe and I fully agree with this guy. Kudos to youtube for an excellent video suggestion. If you’re writing space battle sci-fi, you should watch this video and pay attention to what he talks about regarding stakes, movement, and knowing who’s in the battle.

2 thoughts on “Writing Sci-Fi Space Battles? Watch this!

  1. Hi!! Thank you for this! And to those who are reading THIS PERSON IS RIGHT! I am one of the writers from dreame that once been a writer of wattpad. My book got 1m+ readers and by dreame sweet talk I got to give them ONE of my books but the SAD part is I was shocked the next month my Wattpad account have been BANNED due to this. All my 20 books in wattpad became ashes… In deed you Wrote a Good preview. I hope NO ONE FOLLOWS my path.


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