State of Writing


Success! I have finished Wolves of the Tesseract 3! I completed the epilogue last night at about 11pm. It still needs a lot of polish and I made numerous notes for scenes I need to add or places and characters I need to revise/add/inflate before I even put the story down, so I’ll try to do some of that over the next couple days so I can put this story away for a few months and come back to it in the new year.

What I’m really happy about, though, is that I completed two stories in two months, like nanowrimo, and then double nanowrimo. I began Gunslinger of Dystalgia on October 15 for my first book and then launched the very next day into The Architect King and burned through another 90k words to complete it by Dec 15.

No celebrations. No fanfare or banner waving on sites like 20Booksto50K… just the pride of doing it. Now, somebody buy or review, dangit 😉

I need a nap.

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