State of Writing


Hey friends! I haven’t posted a State of Writing in about a month, (it’s a weekly ordeal for me on Mondays.) I wanted to spend every scrap of time writing through November. And it paid off!

I didn’t officially participate in Nanowrimo. Between huge year-end promotions, a book launch, and the actual writing, I just didn’t need one more thing to have to update. That said, I did write a book in November: I completed the second installment of my unreleased series about Merlin’s secret rings. I think The Gunslinger of Dystaslias is around 50-60k words in its first draft. But wait, there’s more! I kept on writing and launched directly into Wolves of the Tesseract: The Architect King which will complete the series. I’m a little over 63,000 words right now and hope to finish the book in less than two weeks (about 30k more words to go or so!)

I’d keep blogging, but I gotta get back to writing!


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