State of Writing


Nanowrimo is coming up! And I’m deciding not to do it this year… I started early, instead. I’m trying to use my November focus to set a goal of finishing my second book in the Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion series and I’m already half done as of last night. I’d also like to complete a detailed outline of Wolves of the Tesseract 3 before December so I can be plugging away at that book. I’ve got lots of time off between Nov/Dec so I expect things to go pretty well for my goals.

In other news, I’m working on a few other authory things as well. I have my biggest comiccon (in my homestate) of the year and expect to hit a new high-sales record for the third time this year, and I’m about to pay for my booth at the third largest convention in the US… I really don’t like traveling… but I do love selling books!

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