Cover Design Expectations and Buyer Triggers


I know this used to post a weekly article for all you ravenous Indies… I’m still stockpiling data to write posts about, but I’m trying to complete so many WIPs at the moment that my blogging is taking a back seat… I did, however, participate in an online conversation about cover design in my writer’s circle and someone brought up this topic and shared a video I wanted to pass along.

Hopefully I will break some of  this down in the future with a detailed article. In the meanwhile, this video might give you much to think about as you design covers. Heck, you might consider redesigning your own titles. I know I relaunched with new covers at the beginning of the year while subconsciously doing some of what this video talks about (finding the common thread in like promo materials) and my sales doubled.

If you aren’t happy with your sales, even if you feel like your pitching at events/artist tables is solid, check the copywriting and the cover. Start with the cover, and then the writing. I bet sales improve with a pro-cover (even something picked up at Fiverr… it’s where I got all my new covers.)


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