State of Writing


Very busy in my non-writing life, which is pretty normal for me, but I’ve been working on some things that have kept me from writing as much as I’d like. I’m throwing a little more attention at it now, leading up to November’s nanowrimo. I’m planning to complete The Gunslinger of Distaslias (book 2 of my Hidden Rings series) as my Nano entry. It’s pretty well outlined, along with the rest of the series which I hope to complete next year, but I need to get this one out of the way to stay on track for my writing timeline. I’m due to complete Wolves of the Tesseract 3 by the end of Feb.

Sidenote, I have two books scheduled to drop in November: my comedy and a thoughtful/nerdy devo book for my faith-based audience. I’ll post info about both over these next couple weeks, and promise to get a new info-blog up about some writing and marketing advice!

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