Increase Reviews with This Simple Trick



The data is in: most humans are lazy. But you probably knew that already. Obviously, I mean other humans and not you… if you’re on my blog, you’ve already slain the procrastinary beast and written a whole book… a book that you need reviews for, but asking a reader to leave a review by navigating to amazon and typing in an overwhelming few letters, followed by the relentless scrolling to the review section followed by the seemingly endless finger movements required to type and submit “I liked it,” is just a bridge too far. Seriously, folks are lazy.

Only half a percent to a little more than one percent of readers typically leave reviews. Usually, you will need 500-1,000 sales to break out of that 5 review hole (before algorithms start to help out and many ad services have a 5 review minimum.) Here’s one trick I recently learned about to help increase reviews: create a direct link to your book’s review tool…

Wouldn’t it be great if a link sent your reader directly to the book’s review? You could ask readers to leave their thoughts right away in your book’s back matter—especially handy with an ebook when your page could look like this:

The End.

I love hearing feedback from my readers. Please leave me your thoughts and tell others what you enjoyed about this book. One quick click on this link will take you to my review page, thanks!

Go ahead. Click the link to see what it looks like. (It is the review page for Wolf of the Tesseract, my first in series book with a nice number of reviews that I bled and cried in order to get.) The link normally looks like this:

To create the link it is as easy as deconstructing and changing the last few digits. Cut off the ISBN at the end and include your own, instead:

I know that the link says ASIN, and I have been told by others that the ASIN works, too, but I have so far only generated errors with the ASIN and only had success with an ISBN10, so use that whenever possible (and hopefully this error will correct itself since most ebooks only have ASIN).  ISBN is most appropriate to physical books… and how do I think lazy people will respond to typing out a long URL? That’s not any easier! But we can make it easier.

The End.

I love hearing feedback from my readers. Please leave me your thoughts and tell others what you enjoyed about this book. You can go straight my review page by typing in  Thanks!



Make it as simple as possible for readers to leave a review and your count should increase! I hope this helps.

The two tools used are the Bitly Url Shortener and the QR Code Generator



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