State of Writing


I’m half a dozen chapters deep on revisions for Dekker’s Dozen. I like to give it an initial revision right after completing a rough draft. It’s always interesting to see where i was initially going a different direction with things until the story presented something different/better. I find that an early revision while things fresh helps snip off frayed edges and loose ends like subplots that never developed or foreshadowing that isn’t quite right for how things actually turn out.

On the other side of the writing world (the less fun business/production side,) I have most of my cover art ready for Shadowless and I’m only waiting on art now for my comedy. I want to get banners for both and redo all of my graphics, etc.

This week, I’ll keep plodding along on these edits. I’m not pushing anything major at the moment–I’ll be at MN Renfest slingin paperbacks all weekend, so that will take a mental toll on me. Feel free to drop by for a visit!


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