State of Writing


My blog has been a little more light than normal on content, I’ll admit. There are good reasons for that. I have been both finishing books as well as selling like a madman. I spent all of last weekend at the region’s largest renaissance festival selling books… and every weekend before that, too, for the last month or so. I did finish Dekker’s Dozen 3 and I am in the process of wrapping up final touches on several other books (cover art, editing, etc.)

This week, I’d like to work on an outline of my next story that I want to write this fall. I have lots of ideas, but I need to start whittling them down and focus on what story lines I must begin to tie up as I conclude a trilogy and close out one of my book series (while also injecting enough emphasis on another series that I’ll write that also takes place in this same universe).


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