Review: Beren and Luthien (J.R.R. Tolkien)


I feel like an idiot for not having really leapt into Beren and Luthien before now! There are shadows of LOTR written all throughout the book. I have had this book since it released and only now got around to reading it after intending to pick out the passages from the Silmarillion in the past.

This is the show that they ought to be making for the upcoming Amazon series!

Everything about this story increases the intensity with which one reads the Lord of the Rings with (for instance, how Elrond feels about Arwen’s devotion to Aragorn—Elrond is the son of Tinuviel/Luthien who gave up her immortality for Beren.)

This reads like a massive foreshadowing for the events of LOTR and involves some far nastier creatures than even Sauron, who gets his butt kicked as one of an even darker lord’s lieutenants. Also, there’s a bunch of werewolves in the book (and Sauron becomes a vampire/precursor to the necromancer for a time).

This really is a must-read for any Tolkien fan! Also, this is essentially the fictionalized account of JRR’s epic love story between he and his wife—pick it up… don’t wait for the next age!

Pick up a copy/preview it by clicking here!

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