State of Writing


I just got back from my vacation last night, hence the late post. I didn’t have much for internet connection and didn’t spend a lot of time writing… it wasn’t the time (or especially the place) for it. I have trouble writing when away from home unless I’m alone and have access to a good chair. Still, I did get a few thousand more words and I’m firmly in the climactic final moments of Dekker’s Dozen 3: Austicon’s Lockbox. I would be greatly surprised if I did not finish it as I travel to Gencon this week. I tend to write a lot when I’m flying solo at cons… and that puts me on target (or just a few days over) from my goal to finish the 1st draft by the end of July. It’s really my only goal: to finish DD3 before saturday evening. If you’re in Indy and doing the con, come and say hello and maybe do some game demos at the SFR gaming booth (they manufacture the old TSR game Dragon Dice which is still alive and kicking!)

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