State of Writing


I did two things this week that were huge in the way of increasing my productivity. 1. I left my phone in a different part of the house during my writing time. 2. I brought my laptop to the county fair with me to write while in my booth. (I run a nonprofit and was starting conversations with our target demographic, but that still leaves lots of downtime… I had power but no wifi, so I got tons of writing done in those random pockets.)

Last week was my group’s biggest fundraiser of the year and so I was swamped and my writing ground to a near halt. This week I rebounded quite a bit so I’m pretty happy. Hoping to split the difference this week when I go on vacation on Wednesday. I’ll do some writing, but also hope to spend a bunch of time with the family.

Sidenote: art is in progress for Dekker’s Dozen 3… and Wolves of the Tesseract 3. DD3 is roughly 3/4 complete in its first draft. ARC?Review team, that’s your cue to expect something in the coming weeks 🙂

One thought on “State of Writing

  1. Not sure if any of your kids are headed back to school. Once mine go back, writing season begins again! Summer is full of family time, but I can’t complain about that.


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