State of Writing


I’ve been aiming for a chapter per week on the new scifi–so far so good. I’m also working on some new devo installments for a co-op book that should drop this fall. I’ve almost got mine done, plus a few installments for a future release.

Truthfully, my writing output was rubbish this week, except for a good push at the end. But i did feel like I accomplished a lot at work this week (lots of volunteering) and I spent 7 hours behind a wheel on saturday to get to a bagpipe gig… so I feel like it was an okay week… I’d love to double my output this week. Ideally, I would love to put out 10,000 words per week (thats a half million per year.) Maybe it’s a goal to shoot for in the future 🙂 right now, I will be happy with two chapters this week. I’m dabbling with the idea of some rapid release stuff and a big push this fall/winter. We’ll see I’ve got some AMS training videos to watch first.

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