How can I give away free copies of my Audible Audiobook?


If you have been an ACX creator for a while, you may remember back when audible used to email you 25 free download codes as soon as your book was ready for download. More than a year ago they simply stopped doing that. You can still get those codes, but now you must request them to be generated.

Here is how to get those codes so that you can send them to reviewers or other folks who might want to listen if the price was right (free).

Once your audiobook is made available for sale, you may visit your sales dashboard on ACX, click the Promo Codes tab, then click Get Promo Codes to access 25 promo codes for the US and 25 for the UK Audible marketplaces. Once 10 of these 25 codes per marketplace have been redeemed on Audible, you may generate 25 more.

Promo codes are available only for titles with exclusive distribution to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, and will take up to one hour from the time they are generated on ACX to be redeemable on Audible. Each eligible user can receive 25 codes per marketplace (US/UK) per book at a time. Once 10 of these codes have been redeemed on Audible, you can generate 25 additional codes per marketplace on ACX, with a maximum of 100 codes per marketplace. Any Promo Codes you received from ACX Support prior to May 7, 2019, do not count towards each book’s total, and will remain active until November 7, 2019.

This is the new language regarding the codes:
“Promo codes should be distributed to reviewers or your fans to redeem in their own Audible account. Please review Audible’s Terms and Conditions for Gift Audiobooks, Gift Cards, Gift Memberships and Coupons for full details of the use of Promotional Codes. “
That may be something of a change from before. It seems like, now, ACX only really wants you to give codes to reviewers, although they used to be more about generating excitement and momentum for audio books in general. There may have been a shift in their thinking now that audio books have garnered a lot of marketshare. As with everything that Amazon touches, be careful with how you handle yourself and with their TOS. Here is the old verbiage they used to send along with coupon codes.
“To help you spread the word about your production, we’re giving you 25 complimentary copies of the audiobook. These download codes can help generate reviews on Audible, which can lead to future sales. Raffle off a code on your blog or Facebook page, send one to a reviewer, or share them with friends who can spread the word about your production.”

If you happen to be a reviewer and/or want a free audible code to test this out from the user side of things, I’d be glad to shoot you a free code if you’ll give me a review. Just email me through my website!

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