RSS push to Facebook Workaround Found


I posted back in March about how to automate your writing blog and maximize your platform’s reach. It’s pretty simple: find tools that push your blog posts to those locations automatically so that you don’t need to spend time copying links every time you publish a new post. Unfortunately, FaceBook  shut down a lot of those tools making it harder to reach your audience on some of the most interactive sites.

I’ve finally found a work-around. I use hootsuite to push blog’s RSS feed to facebook!

First, get a free account at hootsuite and link your facebook account for your author profile.

Second, add your RSS feed ( and direct it to post the RSS feed t you Facebook page.

Now here’s the sticky wicket: Remember that Facebook’s API developers made changes to prohibit this exact sort of pushing back in August 1, 2018 because of the Russian Collusion scandal (which wasn’t really what it’s been said it is… but hey, it’s a way to make we FB users lives a bit murkier [which will likely result in a new product the FB will force us to buy in the future.]) Anyways, hootsuite, like the other services, cannot bypass this (here is there statement). BUT, if your FB author profile is set as a business profile (which it should be to take advantage of advanced features in FB ads.)

I inquired with Hootsuite to confirm:

Thank you for reaching out! I can confirm the change you mention only affected Facebook Personal Profiles and not Facebook Pages. You can still publish RSS feeds to your Facebook page.

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