State of Writing


I spent all of this last week pretty much under the weather (and speaking of weather, I’m living in a blizzard warning area… right after I put my snowblower away for the year. go figure.)

Despite that, I managed to get a few words on pages. I’m about 10% deep on a choose your own adventure style book I thought I’d throw together. It’s a little harder than I’d expected, but I think my available writing time is more a factor than anything else. I’m splitting time with researching a new workshop module I plan to begin teaching soon (I also revamped and taught one this last weekend and wrote another new piece for an artists retreat coming up next month.)

My plan is to have this CYOA piece (it’s another humor story: Lord of the Fries, about a fast food worker set in a fantasy kingdom where a lowly frycook tries to impress a coworker at MimicDonalds by sneaking into the neighboring rival: Kentucky Fried Tengu,) done by the end of April and then I’ll be back onto Austicon’s Lockbox and full speed ahead on my SciFi.

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