State of Writing


I’m getting to this report a little late (I was on the road until about 3am driving back from a convention.) Last week I managed to complete the recording for the final installment of the Armageddon Seeds books. It should be available in a week or two via Audible. I also got my new covers uploaded for several of my titles (I’ve been working with a pro cover designer.)

This week I’ve got to prepare a few items for a workshop I’m teaching this weekend. While I’m started on Austicon’s Lockbox (Dekker’s Dozen #3) I have another tiny project I might work on that should only take a couple weeks.

Over the weekend con I got to hang out with some of the folks at the Bard’s Tower, an author collective featuring folks like Mercedes Lackey. All around thumbs up (even if I was sick all weekend and only at about 40%). Brandon Sanderson was there, too… but I didn’t have an opportunity to cross paths with him (though I had a good chat with Keith R.A.  DeCandido who wrote the novelization of the Serenity movie.)

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