Author Feature: B. Michael Stevens

il_fullxfull.318206508B. Michael Stevens Mechs and Magic! Mil Sci-Fi meets Urban Fantasy in a dystopian future. Lots of action.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I got into writing when I got injured and quit MMA. I’ve always been a DM for tabletop role-playing games and thought I should share my stories with more than my six players. Continue reading Author Feature: B. Michael Stevens

Review: The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi

51oD0pjJ62L._SY346_I recently got an audio version of Kelvyn Fernandes’ book The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi. It was the perfect adventure for my recent road trip—something that the characters themselves also seemed to find themselves on, of a sort.

Fernandes’ does a good job of crafting an original feeling fantasy world, but also keeping it familiar enough that we are not pushed out of the story. I typically enjoy anything with a goblin element and so the first tale of their plundering a goblin king’s treasure was a great hook. Continue reading Review: The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi

State of Writing


I got some writing in over the weekend while selling books at a rather slow convention. The next Dekker’s Dozen book, Austicon’s Lockbox, is underway. A lot of the regulars at this convention reminded me exactly how important having an audio version is; several of them had previous books of mine in their audible account already, so I’m planning to begin the audible version of my latest book (Dekker’s Dozen: Seed Child of Sippar Sulcus) this week. I’ve had some software holdups preventing me from beginning (Wolf of the Tesseract 2 has been “in review” for 2 months now and I don’t want to do my hardware and software changes, which are a real necessity, before that clears the queue.) I’ll start anyway and hope I don’t have to re-record WotT2.

This week I hope to write 2 chapters and have my audio software changeover complete and new hardware installed! I’ve probably got to count my books, too, and make sure I have enough on hand for Planet Comic Con at the end of the month.

Author Feature: Steve Salmon


Steve Salmon’s It’s A New Life! Mom Is Gone is about a man with severe Cerebral palsy, who loses his mother from a brief illness.  After living with her for forty-seven years, he becomes an adult overnight.  Through the love of his family and friends, he becomes independent.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I have severe Cerebral palsy.  Morse code is how I write since I’m unable to use my hands.  Swaying my head back and forth all day is how I write.  It’s a slow process, but it works for me.  When I was eighteen, I was labeled unemployable by the government.  My dream was to go to college.  It made me angry that I wasn’t a chance to succeed.  After spending two years at home, my mother put me through school herself.  My anger made me want to tell my story.  That’s why I became a writer.

Continue reading Author Feature: Steve Salmon